Class 3 Galleries

We had a great afternoon with Mr Jack Palmer yesterday. We were very lucky that he could come in and share his expert gardening knowledge!

As you will have found, every child has now planted a broad bean and a pumpkin seed
(we were very impressed with Mr Palmer's ideas for re-using toilet roll tubes for containers!).

The children were also given advice on how to care for these seeds, although there was a lot to take in and I thought it might be helpful to put it in writing …

1. Put each tube in a glass jar and add a little water.
2. Place a bag over each jar and secure with the elastic band.
3. Leave on a windowsill for two weeks.
4. After two weeks you should start to see a shoot.
5. You can now take off the plastic bag.
6. When the plant has two leaves, you can plant it in the garden (or in a large pot)

Be wary that the pumpkin will take much longer to grow and that when it does, it will take up a large amount of space!

Mr Palmer has explained to the children that he will be holding a competition in October, to see who has grown the largest pumpkin (no cheating!). He will also be asking the children to observe their broad beans carefully, to see how many pods their plant grows.

I hope that this information is helpful. As always, it would be great to have any photos of children looking after their plants. We will put them on our class notice board.

Happy growing!