Film - Information and Entry Requirements

Participating Schools
To enter The Street & Glastonbury Film Awards Film Competition 2013 you will need to register by the 24th April 2013.

All entries must be received by the closing date of 5th July 2013. Please check that your entries meet the required technical specifications. Shortlisted films will be invited to an awards ceremony on Thursday 11th October.

Terms and conditions of entry:
The Submission deadline is July 5th 2013. Any films received after the deadline date cannot be considered for entry into the competition.

Please complete an on line submission form per film.
Print out, date and sign the form and send it with your labelled film entry to:

The Street & Glastonbury Film Awards
Competition Entry
Meare Village Primary School,
St Mary’s Road,

Entry Requirements:
All film entries must be submitted to one of the following categories:

Reception Category
Key Stage 1 Category
Key Stage 2 Category
Year 7 & 8

The theme this year is:
All’s Well That Ends Well

Entries must not exceed 2 minutes in duration.

Entries must be accompanied by an A4 sized storyboard.

An entry can be from an individual, or a group. The maximum number of people in a group is 4.

Each film must be submitted on a separate DVD or memory stick labelled clearly with the name of the film & the category and accompanied by a completed submission form.

If your entry incorporates music, sound samples, text, or images, you must own the rights to use that material.
Entries that contain copyright-controlled material may be rejected.

Entries must be original works created by the individual or team submitting the entry. However, we do realise that it is entirely appropriate that children entering may receive professional support from teachers/classroom assistants, as part of the learning process.

Technical Specifications:
All films submitted for selection must be presented as a file format.  The accepted formats are:


In the event that a submission does not meet the required technical standard or is submitted in an incompatible file format, you will be informed, so that you can send a replacement film within 5 days. 

The films are sent to an independent judging panel of experts and industry professionals working in the field of animation, film and education. Upon receipt of results from the panel, shortlisted films will be nominated for an award. Nominated filmmakers will be informed by invitation during the week commencing 9th September 2013.

There are awards for the following categories:

  • Best Reception Film
  • Best Key Stage 1 film
  • Best Key Stage 2 Film
  • Best Year 7 & 8 Film
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Animation
  • Best Original Idea

Please note, if you won an award last year, it will need to be returned by 12th July to:

The Street & Glastonbury Film Awards,
Meare Village Primary School,
St Mary’s Road,

If an award goes missing or is not returned by this date then we reserve the right to invoice holders of awards for a replacement immediately.

Good Luck.