Filmmaking at Meare School

Filmmaking at Meare School


On Thursdays the school runs a filmmaking club where children have an opportunity to be creative and make their own films. The   sessions cover animation techniques, editing, script writing, camera skills, special effects, sound, set design, model making and graphics. At Filmmaking club there is an emphasis on teamwork and creativity. The children have an opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and create something amazing.

Planning Film Projects
Each term Filmmaking Club looks at a different film genre. We use storyboarding or picture writing to plan our film projects and this skill has proved to be a great way for developing and understanding narrative.

During the learning quest, Made in China, inspired filmmakers animated an ancient Chinese myth and created a silhouette film from a shadow puppet production. The Legend of The Lantern celebrated Meare School’s links with China and won two awards at The Digi Fest & The Street & Glastonbury Film Awards.

Filming & Animation

We create 3D animation using stop motion animation software and use ipads for 2D animation apps.


Here an animator draws a sequence of pictures to try on the praxinoscope. Students have also enjoyed animating pictures using flick books.

Here students are working through the structure of their films referring to The Story Arc.

Camera work

The children are introduced to framing basic shots and camera angles with digital cameras, video camcorders and ipads.

Stop frame Animation is filmed using web cams and ipads.


Green Screening & Special Effects
We have green screening capabilities at film club and use Backdrop TV software on the windows operating system. Our filmmakers have had virtual rollercoaster rides, flown like superheroes and been chased by dinosaurs!


The Special FX team hold up the actor’s cape with green hockey sticks so that it appears to be blowing in the wind as he soars through the sky.

The actors climb into the their rollercoaster seats and start to pretend they are on a ride. A fan blows their hair and they can see the moving pictures on a screen in front of them so they know when to react.

Special Effects
We enjoy special effects in post-production. The ipads are good at filming treated sequences such as sepia, black & white or thermal camera effects. Movie Maker and Final Cut have special effect options that can be added to individual clips. The Action Movie Effects app on the ipad is a great tool for creating those Steven Speilberg moments!

We record sound bites, podcasts and narration on microphones which create sound files that can be imported into the editing software. We create our own sound effects or sometimes use sounds from an effects library on the internet.


Editing Pictures:

We use apps on the ipads that edit pictures such as Splice and imovie. Often we use Windows Movie Maker to edit pictures and       sound, as it is very user friendly for key stage 1 & 2 filmmakers. More sophisticated sequences are edited in Final Cut.


We are able to manipulate images and create titles and graphics with GIMP, a free image manipulation programme. A caption camera has been set up in the media room with an overhead web cam and tripod to capture 3D artwork or title sequences that cannot be scanned.