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Kingfisher class have been eagerly waiting for our class butterflies to emerge from their chrysallis. We were over the moon when all five butterflies finally emerged. The children carried out some research to find out what species of butterfly we had and found out that they were Painted Lady Butterflies. We then investigated their life cycles before setting them free to enjoy our garden.

Rural Life Visit
Kingfisher class enjoyed a visit to The Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. The children found out about life for rich and poor people in Victorian times. They particularly enjoyed learning about what 'wash day'  was like for the Victorians and what hard work it was to do the laundry! I think they are all grateful that washing machines have been invented! I would like to extend a big thankyou to the staff at The Rural Life Museum for their warm welcome and making our day so enjoyable.

Strode Theatre
Kingfisher and Swan Class enjoyed a trip to Strode Theatre for a special Roald Dahl and Mr Men Production presented by the Students. As you can see, a great time was had by all and some children even participated is some of the scenes.

Bearded Dragon
Leona, Aiden and their mum brought a very special visitor into Kingfisher Class. It was Dexter, their three and a half year old bearded dragon! Kingfisher class all had the opportunity to hold him and enjoyed finding out about the things he likes to eat and how they care for Dexter!

Aspirations Week
As part of our Making your Mark topic this term we have invited in mums, dads and members of the local community to talk about their jobs. We were lucky to have Doctor Barrowman visit Kingfisher class to tell us all about his job. Lucy helped him show us how to put on a sling!

Harriet's mummy came into school to tell the children about life for children during WWII. She was dressed as a Land Girl and told the children about being an evacuee and how women worked on farms and did jobs that men traditionally would have carried out. 

Kingfisher class have been enjoying finding out about co-ordinates in numeracy this week. The children also investigated and used cardinal and ordinal compass directions to plot and give detailed directions to their class mates. After learning about co-ordinates in the first quadrant the chidren investigated negative numbers and plotting co-ordinates in the 2nd quadrant then used this knowledge to create wonderful monkey masks. Finally, Mrs Fellows challenged the class to a giant game of Battleships on the classroom floor - and lost! 

Kingfisher Garden

The class have been busy this week painting and varnishing a set of special book characters who will be brightening up the Kingfisher garden and helping to turn it into a storybook wonderland. Can you guess who they might be? Watch this space as the children have big plans for our garden and have some secret surprises hidden up their sleeves!

Music to our ears!
Kingfisher class have been given the exciting opportunity to learn the violin. The class had great fun with 'Mr Cool' our music teacher. We found out about how to stand and hold our violins properly. Mr Cool taught us how pluck the strings and next week we are hoping to start to use our bows!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Friday was Mad Hatter Day at Meare Village Primary! The children and staff had great fun dressing up either as characters from Alice in Wonderland or in weird and wonderful costumes. The PSA held a Mad Hatter's Tea Party where the children could purchase yummy cakes and treats. I'm sure you agree that Kingfisher Class looked Fab! 

Design and Technology:
We have completed our cars and I'm sure you will agree that the children produced an array of wonderful vehicles! What is even better is that every team met the criteria by ensuring that their vehicle moved and was controllable! Lots of team work, problem solving and fun had by all!

Kingfisher and Swan class were treated to a wonderful storytelling afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the adventures of Mighty Otter and his son Little Eagle from our visitors Golden Sun and Silver Moon.

Charmouth Visit
Kingfisher class travelled back 65 million years when we visited The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre to find out about how fossils were created along The Jurassic Coastline. The children were shown how to identify a range of marine fossils before going onto the beach to search for their own! As you can see from the photos, it was a truly magical and exciting day. Every child (and teacher!) was able to find fossils. We'd like to thank Muriel, Phil, Jan and Penny, who helped us find our treasures, for their enthusiasm and welcome.

Comic Relief
Comic relief came in a blaze of red and an array of fantasmigorical hair and wigs! The school looked bright and jolly and all our efforts raised a whopping £100! I'm sure you will agree from our photographs that we all looked wonderful!

Mrs Butler came into class to help Kingfisher class find out about the life cycle of plants. The children enjoyed learning about how pollination takes place and how birds, animals, insects and even humans can help with this process. The class are looking forward to learning about seed dispersal and how plants ensure their survival.

Design and Technology

Kingfisher class have been designing and building controllable vehicles with a futuristic focus! The children had to design a vehicle for the future and then work in teams to build their creations. They had measure accurately, saw wood, glue their chassis together and then use their electrical knowledge and understanding to ensure that their vehicles would run. As you can see from the pictures, the children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning. Watch this space for pictures of their finished vehicles - they will take your breath away!

World Book Day!
Meare Village Primary school looked just a little bit different on World Book Day! I'm sure you will agree that Kingfisher Class looked marvellous dressed as their favourite book characters! The children enjoyed a day roaming in and out of their favourite books and great fun was had by all. Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who helped us look so wonderfull for the day! 

It has been problem solving week in Numeracy. The Kingfishers have been using the properties of direction to help them solve clues about 'Who was coming to dinner' in Bart Simpson's house! The children enjoyed working in pairs to solve clues that would help them work out where Bart's guests were sitting.

To link our problem solving with our topic 'Footprints in Time', the children are thinking about the future when we may be colonising the Moon! They have a budget of £500,000 and have to design a Lunar Theme park complete with a variety of rides, cafes, shops, toilets, car parks and paths. They have to purchase all of these items with out going over their budget! They will also have to think about an entry fee that will enable them to run their parks at a profit. Please keep a look out for our completed maps and advertising!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!
We welcomed some very special visitors from China to the school on Tuesday afternoon. They told the children all about the colourful Chinese New Year Festival which was on 10th February. The children found out about the Chinese Zodiac and how this was the Year of the Snake. They enjoyed learning how Chinese people around the world celebrate this very vibrant and special day by feasting, dancing, exchanging gifts and letting off fireworks. We then went to the hall where we took part in some traditional Chinese dance and Kung Fu!

Kingfisher class are investigating patterns in their art work. They worked with Mrs McCabe to create some beautiful repeating patterns using tesselation shapes. It took lots of concentration but I am sure you will agree that they have done a very good job!

We have been learning about collecting, organising and reading data in our maths sessions this week. Today the children were finding out about  how to calculate averages in groups of data by working out the Mean, Median and Mode! They had great fun trying to find out the average shoe size in Kingfisher class.

Kingfisher Class kick started their 'Footprints in Time' learning quest by talking a walk with the dinosaurs in The Dino Dome. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and having the opportunity to handle fossilised ammonites, bones, eggs and dino pooh! In the dome they were treated to films and pictures that explained the dominance of these wonderous creatures that spanned 155 million years.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kingfisher Class and the Teaching Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May your festive holidays be merry and bright and we look forward to seeing you all again on 7th January 2013.

Christingle Service

The children spent the morning learning about the significance of the Christingle. They then made their own to take to the church for the service. I am sure you will agree that this is always a magical service, made all the more special by the beautiful singing of the Meare children. I would like to thank David and the lovely ladies of St Mary's Church for inviting the school to celebrate with them and for making us feel so very welcome.

Fizzpop Science Day!
Kingfisher came into school to find that a crime had been committed! A note had been attached to the Chokey door telling the class that their Advent chocolates had been snitched in the night! A cup had been left at the scene of the crime, with a strange white substance in the bottom. The children had to use forensics to identify the substance. They found that the culprit appeared to have a sweet tooth! They took fingerprints from everypone in class and discovered that no one has the same fingerprints - not even twins! The enjoyable day came to a close when the found out that the Cheeky Chocolate Thief was infact - Mrs Fellows!! The chocolates were happily returned and Mrs Fellows spent the rest of the day in the Chokey!

Christmas Outdoor Education!
Kingfisher Class enjoyed a festive outdoor education session on Wednesday. The children made beautiful table decorations and then enjoyed some yummy cooked marshmallows and hot chocloate around the fire pit! Outdoor education is always an enjoyable experience for the children and Kingfisher Class would like to thank Mrs Butler and Mr Dyga for all their hard work, support and fun activities throughout the year!

Christmas Big Read
On  Monday 17th December, Kingfisher class enjoyed visits from parents, carers, grandparents and family members. The adults came to read favourite Christmas stories to small groups of children. The afternoon was made even more special by the PSA, who served hot Chocolate for the children to enjoy while they listened to the festive stories. The Big Christmas Read was organised to promote the enjoyment of reading and the love of books and by the look of the pictures, that is exactly what it did!

St Andrew's Day
Kingfisher class had a decidedly Scottish feel to it on Friday. In honour of the patron saint of Mrs Fellows' birth country, the children investigated St Andrew and how he became the Patron Saint of Scotland. They also found out the significance of the St Andrew's Cross on the Scottish flag. Finally, after dancing a Virginai Reel, they tasted some haggis, bashed neeps (mashed swede), chappit tatties (mashed potato) and enjoyed some yummy shortbread!

The children have been using their multiplication skills to work out the area of shapes. To consolidate their learning, they had to work out the area and perimeter of their stinky foot! The children enjoyed drawing around their feet, then counting the squares to find the area. It became very tricky when they had to use string to help them measure the perimeter.
The children had fun when they dipped their feet into paint and made their foot print on wall paper! It was a very squishy affair! They will measure their foot print accurately and use their multiplication skills to find the exact area of their foot and then compare the two answers.

Special Visitor

Kingfisher class had a special visitor this week. Peggy-Soo, Mrs Fellows' budgie popped into class for the day on Tuesday. She really loves to be read to and the children throughly enjoyed sharing their books with her. Some children even organised themselves into groups so they could take turns to read to her. Peggy-Soo thoroughly enjoyed herself and can't wait to come and visit again soon!


In literacy this week, we are learning about William Shakespeare. The class are reading A Midsummer Night's Dream and will be writing character profiles for the key players. They will also be creating some transformation spells to turn friends, family or teachers into weird and wonderful creatures! They will also be learning to write diary extracts by imagining themselves to be Puck, King Oberon or the heartbroken Hermia.

After spending last week learning about polygons, quadrilaterals and equilateral and isosceles triangles, the children are moving on to understand how to work out perimeter and area. Some of the children will be using their mathematical skills to find the perimeter and area of the hall, front playground, back playing field and the classroom! Watch this space for the photos of our hard work.

Design and Technology:
Kingfisher class are turning into tomb raiders! We have created mummies out of tin foil and lots of patience! The children will design and create a sarcophagus and a pyramid to complete their Eqyptian Tomb! They will think carefully about naming their mummy and using heiroglyphs to decorate them.

Ancient Egyptians:
The Kingfishers became historical investigators when they had to find out about the discovery of King Tutankhamun's Tomb. They were given a picture to look at and then had to write questions that would help them to find out all they wanted to know. They had great fun finding out about King Tut, Lord Caernarvon and Howard Carter but they had to beware of the mummies curse!

Pumpkin Carving:
In outdoor education the children designed and carved their pumpkins. This is not as easy as it first appears, I hope you will agree that they all did a fine job!

We have been learning about Ancient Egypt...

We made posters to advertise our McMillan Coffee Morning. It was a great success and we raised lots of money.

Kingfisher Class taking part in their Olympic Sports Day!

As part of enterprise and aspirtions week PC Hicks came to visit. We learned all about the various aspects of his job and enjoyed trying on some kit.

Madame Jessica

Kingfisher class had a wonderful time when Madame Jessica came to visit us from Mudindi Primary School in Kenya. Madame Jessica enjoyed teaching the class some Kenyan songs and dances and the Kingfishers had fun teaching her 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'!

Blast Off!!!
Kingfisher class are investigating Forces and Motion in science this term and to support our learning about up-thrust, air resistance and gravity we went to Station Farm to carry out some 'explosive' experiments. The children designed and built rockets using card and plastic drinks bottles which they filled with 500mls of water. After placing a call to Yeovilton Air Base and gaining clearance for launch, Mr Dyga filled the bottles with air while the children retreated behind the safety barrier. The result was spectacular! The rockets soared and somersaulted their way into the air to the cheers from the watching crowd. This was a wonderful way for the children to learn about science and we even found some of the children discussing the design of their rockets and how they could make changes that would improve the flight. During some free time after lunch, some of the children used pallets and tyres to build a rather fantastic Land Rover complete with trailer! I am sure that, after looking at the pictures, you will agree that our outdoor education sessions and visits to Station Farm are invaluable to the learning experience of your children.

Shadow Puppets

Kingfisher class have been learning about the Chinese tradition of shadow puppets. They worked in small groups to create the characters from the Chinese myth of 'The Lantern Festival' Mrs King has been filming the children perform the story using their shadow puppets and as you can imagine this has caused much excitement! We are hoping to finish the filming next week and then the children will edit their movies in their groups.

World Book Day!
Thursday 1st March was world book day and the whole school enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters for the day. The teachers dressed up as Wally and Wanda from the Where's Wally books and the children used their mapping skills to search for Wally around the school. As you can see Kingfisher class looked brilliant but can you find where Wally is?

A Taste of China

Kingfisher class have been tasting some Chinese food. The children thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a taste of China and ate some noodles with sweet and sour sauce, prawn crackers and soy sauce, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and finished off by having some lychees.

Abigail, Charlotte and Kelly served the teachers some yummy foods in our 'Chinese Restaurant' which is currently in the nest. The teachers had to eat some yummy foods and sweets using chop sticks which proved to be quite a challenge!

How to train your dragon!
Kingfisher class finished off their work on 'How to train your dragon' by following their own instructions to build their dragon traps. Should you encounter any wayward dragons in Meare, please do not worry just call on Kingfisher class who know how to deal with them!


Postcards from China
As part of our topic 'Made in China', Mr North has been helping the children to create wonderful postcards from China. Pictures of the children on their 'holidays' in China will be cut and pasted onto scenes of their favourite places to visit. Keep visiting our webpage as the final postcards will be posted shortly. In the meantime we thought you could try to guess where in China these children might be and what landmark they are visiting!


River Brue
As part of our geography focus the children have been investigating the River Brue. They have been looking at the uses of the river and investigating how fast it flows. After the half term they will compare their findings with the uses of the River Yangtze in China.


Chinese Lanterns
As part of our learning about China, the children created beautiful painted lanterns and hats. The children studied symbols, objects and colours that are significant in the Chinese culture and then used them in their designs.

We have been learning about electricity in science. We had to make the bulbs light and then add a switch and buzzer. We found out that we had to make sure that we had a complete circuit to make it all work. We are going to build pagodas in design and technology and light them up! So watch this space!

In honour of it being the Chinese year of the dragon, we have been learning about how to train our dragons in literacy. The children have been writing about the life cycle of their dragons and how to capture and train them! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and have produced some wonderful written work - I didn't know you could buy a Princess off of ebay or a catapult from Proper Job! Please feel free to pop into class to read your children's work.

Happy New Year and welcome back! The children are very excited about our new topic of 'Made in China' and I would like to thank everyone for kindly sending in resources for our class room display. There will be lots of photos and news to follow.

Here are some useful and interesting websites:

The Kingfisher's have been learning to measure accurately using a ruler. They had an enjoyable time measuring the length and width of their feet and hands, heads and arms! Any one who stood still long enough found themselves getting measured! The children then had to convert their measurements from centimetres to millimetres!


Station Farm

Kingfisher class had a wonderful time at Station Farm. They enjoyed an intergalactic day making space stations and vehicles to blast into outer space in. Prior to our visit, the class had been learning about the constellations and the Zodiac Signs and we spent some of the day creating our own using apples and sticks. I'm sure you will agree that are truly out of this world! We also had fun creating our own apple aliens which we sent to infinity and beyond in a truly spectacular spaceship made by Mr Dyga! The children made medallions by sawing a circle of wood and drilling a hole for the thread. They decorated them with their star sign and wore them with pride for the rest of the day. The day came to a rather scrummy close with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate around the fire pit, yum! 

Kingfisher class would like to say a big thankyou to Mr Dyga and Mrs Butler for making the day great!


Green School Revolution @Bristol

The Kingfishers had a wonderful visit to @ Bristol with Swan class to take part in the Green Schools Revolution. They had a great time learning all about sustainability. The children had the opportunity to take part in workshops and explore the many hands on exhibits.

Friday 21st October

Mrs Fellows brought her pets, Hamish the Syrian hamster and Peggy Sue the budgie, to school today. The children enjoyed getting to know Hamish and Peggy and produced some beautiful Noun, verb, adjective and adverb work about them.

Have a wonderful half term and please note that the children do not return to school until Thursday 3rd November 2001

To Infinity and Beyond!

Kingfisher class have been writing explanation texts in Literacy about none other than our class hero Buzz Lightyear! The children produced an explanation about how a Space Ranger's suit works. They had to remember to write in paragraphs and not to use bossy verbs! Please feel free to come into class and see their wonderful work!

The children have been learning about common, proper and collective nouns in literacy and have created their very own Noun village. They worked in groups and presented their work to the rest of the class, making sure they explained which objects were common, proper or collective nouns.


Pumpkin Day!
Wednesday was our pumpkin day in outdoor education. The children enthusiastically cleaned out their pumpkins before carving a variety of faces and images on them. It was a somewhat gooey day but very enjoyable none the less and I'm sure you will agree that their pumpkins look great!

Cake Sale!
The Kingfisher cake sale was a great success and we have currently raised £43.15. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou for the cake donations and an even bigger thankyou to all who supported our sale.

Vegetable Aliens:

The children had fun during outdoor education creating these weird and wonderful Vegetable Aliens. Kingfisher class would like to warn you to please keep a close eye out around Meare in case you happen to bump into any of these extraterrestrials!

Shape and Space:
Kingfisher class have been investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. The children used straws and plasticine, polydron and card to create a variety of 3D shapes. Finally the children had to classify their shapes according to given criteria using hoops to create Venn Diagrams.



Kingfisher class have been learning about time in numeracy. We have been investigating analogue and digital time, the months of the year, the seasons and how to answer problems using a calendar. This linked with our science work about the earth. We have been investigating the earth's orbit around the sun. Finding out how many hours it takes the earth to make one revolution on it's axis, how many days the earth takes to orbit the sun and how the seasons occur.

Kingfisher class had oodles of fun organising a Space Party for Mrs Fellows birthday! They designed and made invitations, alien masks and crater cookies then created an instruction booklet that would help others plan and enjoy a 'Space Party' too!

Outdoor Education:
Mr Dyga helped Kingfisher class design and make some beautiful wooden signs that we hope to sell at our Art and Craft Fayre at the school on Saturday 15th October. The children have also created some beautiful watercolours of the Tor and the Fish House with the help of Mrs Holland. In Art the children have made some beautidul African Scenes using pastels. We hope you can come to the Fayre so that you can see and hopefully purchase the beautiful artwork your child has created.

Kingfisher Cake Sale:
This will be held after school on Wednesday 19th October. Please come along and support us as all funds raised will be used for Kingfisher class resources. Any cake donations would be gratefully received. Please can you bring them to the school kitchen on the morning of the sale. Thankyou.

Useful Websites

Bat Visit:
Kingfisher Class came in one  morning to find they had a surprise visitor in their classroom! A Pipestral Bat was found sitting on the class rug obviously waiting for the lessons to begin. The children in the school enjoyed meeting our new friend before Mrs Fellows decided that it was hometime for Mr Bat and she sent on his way to join his family for lunch!

To Infinity and Beyond

Our new topic launched this week with our Space Day on Wednesday 14th September. Kingfisher Class was invaded by a rather colourful variety of aliens and humanoids and the children spent an enjoyable day learning about The Solar System and designing rockets to transport them back to their home planets. During our outdoor education session the children created the planets of our Solar System using balloons and modroc.


On Thursday 15th September Kingfisher class had their first trumpet and trombone session with Mr Thomas. He showed us different kinds of brass instruments including the mighty trombone, which we found out was as tall as Luca! We were shown how to put our instruments together and how to use our lips and mouths to make our first sounds. Kingfisher will be having brass lessons every Thursday throughout the year and we are looking forward to the day when we can toot a happy tune!

We are sailing!

Kelly brought in a super cargo ship that she had made with her Grandad complete with medical room and crew!  She explained how she and her Grandad had made it out of cardboard and boxes and then visited Mallard class who were captivated by her magnificent creation!