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Welcome to the new school year 2013-14!

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Summer 2014

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It’s been an action-packed four days in Kingfisher Class! As part of aspirations and enterprise week, we had very interesting talks from Mr Hicks, a policeman, and Mr Clavey, a thermal imaging specialist.

The children learned about well-known entrepreneurs and the money system, and set up their own mini-businesses, producing and marketing products which were sold during the enterprise sale on Friday afternoon. Our main product was ‘Cheeky Chutney’, although other children in the class successfully sold loom bands, fruit, and elderflower cordial. Special thanks should go to Mrs McCabe, who worked late into the night cooking the chutney, and to Morrisons, Glastonbury, who provided us with the ingredients free of charge. 

On Thursday, several members of Kingfisher performed in a piano concert, which was watched by all of KS2. The children have also been continuing rehearsals for the school production, which promises to be a spectacular event! 


It’s been a busy week in Kingfisher class! Following on from last week’s work on non-chronological reports, the children are writing newspaper reports based on their hybrid animals. In numeracy, they have been learning written methods for division, as well as refreshing their clock skills. The Cygnets have enjoyed being taught long division by Mrs Higgs. The class continues to enjoy their weekly cricket and rugby coaching. 

The composer of the week was Igor Stravinsky, and we listened to a selection of his works each morning. The children are getting better and better at identifying composers from recordings!

In literacy this week, the children have been learning how to write instructional texts. In numeracy they have been learning how to calculate using negative numbers using the ‘Balloon’ method from

The children have also been conducting science experiments using a ‘Vibration Speaker Kit‘. They found out which surfaces/objects made the best ‘speaker’ and we discussed the science behind this.

This week, we learned all about Bumblebees and Honeybees. Here is one of our designs for a Bumblebee friendly garden, completed during Outdoor Education. We first drew our designs on A4 paper, and then scaled them up to actual-size using rulers and meter sticks.

In outdoor education, we went to see a badger set. We also learned how to make a musical note from a blade of grass. The air rushing past vibrates the grass blade very quickly, making a sound. This is the same principle behind instruments such as the clarinet and the saxophone.  

After some musical demonstrations by Mr North, we used our ICT skills to find out about various musical instruments.  We then wrote information texts and created pic collages about them.

On Friday, we were lucky enough to be taught cricket by Will!

‘Learner of the Week’ was Lewis for “his excellent effort in all lessons, quietly getting on with his work, and for being a caring and considerate member of the class”.   Maddison received a rainbow award for her ‘Marvelous independent thinking skills, and effort in lessons’. Dixie had toast with Mrs Eveleigh for being polite, upbeat and friendly all the time! 

In art this week, the children have been learning how to draw a room using one-point perspective. We took inspiration from several paintings by Polish artist Jacek Yerka, whose work often includes surreal and fantasy elements.

In numeracy, the children have been learning how to divide and multiply decimal numbers. These pictures show the children playing their own question-answer pairs games.

In outdoor education, children experimented with milk bottles to see how they can produce different musical notes when filled with varying amounts of water.  They then tuned the bottles to a scale and suspended them from string, creating a glass bottle xylophone!

Spring 2014

Spelling Practise This week the children are learning about the different phoneme sounds the digraph 'ou' can make.

Art and Design In art and design this week, the children have been creating their own Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs.

Science Forces and Magnets We have been learning about Air-Resistance

Kingfisher Rainbow Award Winners are: Amy for her fantastic poetry writing and Euan for achieving his Bronze Olympic Times Table. KS2 Learner of the Week goes to Emily for her wonderful commitment to her learning! Well done to you all.

Sports Relief

Huge thanks to all of the Kingfishers for their great effort for Sports Relief! Every child walked, jogged or ran 10 laps of the back playing field with some doing an extra mile! Thank you to all the Kingfisher parents and carers for your kind donations to this worthy cause.

World Book Day Fun

Wildlife on your Doorstep!
Thursday was an exciting day for everyone in Meare Village Primary! We welcomed wildlife photographer, Iain Green, to the school. Iain and Mrs Butler took every child in the school out in small groups to take photographs of any plants and bug life they could find in the school grounds! All of the children benefitted greatly from Iain's expertise and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the world through a lens! After school, Mrs Butler, Mrs Fellows and Iain took a group of children to watch the mumuration of Starlings. It was amazing to hear and watch these wonderful birds in flight! We are looking forward to seeing the photographs the children have taken when Iain returns to the school next week to show us.  


Kingfisher class have been mapping the school and its grounds and through outdoor education have been focussing on Meare and the surrounding area. This week the children thoroughly enjoyed locating nearby villages, towns and cities on a map of Somerset and understanding their locations in relation to Meare and Glastonbury.

Valentines Day
The Kingfishers have enjoyed finding out about Valentine and how the tradition of sending giftes to your loved ones has evolved over the centuries. They then set about making their own Valentines Day decorations. The classroom was awash with glitter and love hearts as the children enthusiastically stuck and glued their Valentine creations ready to give to the people most special in their lives. 

Despicable Plans!
Before Christmas, as part of their literacy learning around the movie Despicable Me, the children had written formal letters to Mr Hexton, the Manager at Yeovil Branch of Barclays Bank. They were requesting loans to buy equipment in order to carry out cunning and despicable plans! Mr Hexton with the help of Ms Horne read every letter and responded to each and every one but ultimately chose 4 winners! Well done to Dixie, Ethan, Jasmine and Taylor! Amounts from one million to three trillion were presented to the excited winners by Mr Sean.  Huge thanks go to Mr Hexton, Miss Horne, Mr Sean and all at Barclays Bank for making this such an enjoyable and memorable learning experience


Kingfisher Class filled the corridors of the school with the sweet smell of gingerbread cookies. Amid the rumbling tummies, the children used and applied their learning of decimals, weights and measures to read scales, weigh accurately and work collaboratively to make their cookies. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who kindly loaned their weighing scales so Miss Buckley to teach this purposeful and fun lesson.

Fire Safety
The Kingfishers were very happy to welcome Fire Officer Ian Humphreys to class this week. He was here to explain to us how to stay safe in the event of a fire.

The children have been learning all about decimals and measures this week. Today they were working on time and had great fun timing  how long it took them to build houses out of paper, sticks and lego. They then had to use their knowledge of time to help them convert from minutes to seconds.

Robert Burns
To celebrate the birth of Scotlands famous poet, Robert Burns, Kingfisher Class have been learning some of his famous poems and songs. The children worked together to translate verses of 'Ode to a Mouse' from Scots dialect to English and then had fun changing a description of the Gruffalo from English to Scots and then attempting to read it! We finished the week with a Burns Supper celebration with poems, songs, food tasting and Scottish country dancing.

Mystery Monday!
Kingfisher class were excited to welcome the first Mystery Monday of 2014! The children could hardly wait to see what the object was that was hidden in our box! You can imagine the joy and excitement when we found out it was a bar of chocolate! The children enjoyed finding out how chocolate was made and when it was first discovered - over 1900 years before the birth of Jesus! They also made some fun comic strips, acrostic poems and advedrtisement posters. Please feel free to pop into our cloakroom to see the children's work on the board.

Superhero Day

Kingfisher class looked out of this world for Superhero Day! They had a fun filled day learning about forces and experimenting to find the best way to make their superhero fly!

May The Force Be With You!

The children kickstarted their new topic by investigating forces and magnets in science. The children enjoyed taking part in different activities to help their understanding.

We would like to wish all our mums, dads, families and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year! We hope that you enjoy all the festivies and we will see you back in school on Monday 6th January 2014.

Best wishes from

The Kingfisher Team and Children.

Design and Technology
In design and technology the children have been investigating how to make a healthy sandwich. They began by finding out about the five food groups and in what proportions they need to go together to make a balanced diet. They then tasted a variety of sandwiches before designing a healthy sandwich of their own. Finally, the children were able to make, eat and review their choice. As you can imagine they all enjoyed their learning immensely!

Skipping for Life
The children had the opportunity to find out a bit more about skipping when 'Skipping John' from Skipping for Life came to visit the school! They found out how good skipping is to help us keep fit as well as how much fun it is to do! As you can see by the photographs, a good time was had by all!

Christmas Jumper Day
Kingfisher Class looked very festive when they came to school in their Christmas Jumpers. They gave a donation of a £1 to be able to wear their Christmas jumpers, with all proceeds going to Save the Children. Thankyou to everyone for all of your efforts and generosity, I think we looked great!

R.E Enrichment Day
The children enjoyed finding out about the Festivals of Light. during our recent R.E Enrichment Day. They spent the day visiting each class in their house teams learning about The Hindu Festival of Divali, The Jewish Festival of Hannukah, The Buddhist Festival, Bodhi Day and The Christian Festival of Christmas.

Kingfisher Class continued their learning about rocks and soils in science this week. The children enjoyed carrying out a fair test to find the rocks were the most and least permeable. They enjoyed finding out how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.


Kingfisher Poetry Competition!
Mrs Fellows is happy and proud to announce the winners of the Kingfisher Poetry Competition. The children had the opportunity to write either an Acrostic, List or Rhyming Poem on the subject of Winter. The response from the children was fantastic and it was incredibly difficult to choose the winners but, after much deliberation, we are happy to announce that the winners were:

Sky Hucks and Jake Nicholls

Well done to these children and a huge thank you to all of Kingfisher Class for their wonderful efforts!

Church Visit
Kingfisher Class enjoyed a visit to St Mary's Church last week. They explored the special areas of the church such as: The Font, The Pulpit and The Alter. They also enjoyed looking at the beautiful stained glass windows. Rev. Diana Greenfield kindly showed the children the special robes that she wears during important events and festivals in the Christian calendar and explained about the significance of their colours. The children enjoyed finding out about Advent and were keen to share with Diana all they had learned about the colour of the candles on the advent ring and what and who they represent.

Kingfisher Class took a step back in time on Monday when they welcomed Steve Manning, a story teller, into class. The children have been learning about WWII in history and came to school dressed as evacuees! Even Mrs Fellows came to school dressed in 1940's clothes! The children enjoyed meeting Colonel Trotter, the forgetful and chatty ARP Warden and Mr Gladwell, the Billeting Officer. They had great fun looking in 'the box' at the wonderful artefacts Steve has brought with him such as: gas masks, a special ARP torch and a gas rattle. A great time was had by all and a huge thanks to all our talented the mums and dads for their help with the children's costumes. They helped the children enjoy and understand the life of an evacuee more.

Outdoor Education
Kingfisher Class went on a wellie walk during their outdoor education session. We visited the War Memorial to learn about the significance of Rememberence and why we lay poppy wreaths. We also looked at the names of the men of the village that are carved on the Memorial and spoke about why it is important that we remember them. The children were surprised by the number of men who died in the First World War and we spoke about the population of the village at that time. We then went for a walk to the fish house to learn about how it was used in the past and how it support Glastonbury Abbey.

Jack and the Beanstalk
Kingfisher Class, along with the rest of the school, were treated to a fantastic pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. There was lots of laughs, boos, hisses, singing and dancing as well as the customary 'He's behind you', and 'Oh no it isn't! The children were so enthusiastic and engaged that it has been reported that yells could be heard in Glastonbury! Oh yes they could!

Poppy Day
Kingfisher class have been learning about poppy day and the significance of Rememberance Sunday. During our Outdoor Education session we made poppies from tissue paper and the children will be walking to the Meare War Memorial during their wellie walk next week. During their visit, they will find out more about the impact the first and second world war had on Meare. The whole school will also be observing the 2 minute silence at 11 o clock on Monday as a mark of respect to those who have died or been injured during the two world wars and in other conflicts since 1945.

Avalon Marshes
Kingfisher class welcomed a visitor from Avalon Marshes. Amy visited the class to teach them about the changes that have occured in the Marshes in the past. The children enjoyed locating the places they had been learning about, such as The Sweet Track, The Roman Salt Water Pools, Gold Corner Pumping Station and the Glastonbury Train Station, on an ordinance survey map.

Pumpkin Carving
Just be fore the half term, Kingfisher class enjoyed a very messy but fun pumpkin carving session during outdoor education! I'm sure you'll agree that the end results were fantastic!

Guinea Pig Visit

Kingfisher class had some suprise visitors. Molly brought her sister's guinea pigs, Pepper and Salt, in to class for us to meet. Molly had prepared a power point presentation telling us all about guinea pigs, where they are from and how to take care of them. We then had a chance to meet them both.

Mystery Monday
Kingfisher class began the week in a most exciting way! The class were introduced to Mystery Monday and were given a 'secret box' filled with an unknown object - even Mrs Fellows didn't know what was inside! Our learning for that day was then centred around the object. We had a pineapple and we had to work together to find out what we wanted to learn about it. We found out where it came from, how many people it met on its journey, the importance of Fairtrade and then we did some fine art using pastels. Finally we cut it up and tasted it! It was a fantastic way to start the week!

Making Beautiful Music!

Kingfisher class are thoroughly enjoying their Tuesday violin lessons with 'Mr Cool'! The children have been learing how to hold their violins properly, how to stand correctly and how to use the bow. We are currently learning a range of Christmas and rock music to entertain you all with at our Candlelight Carol Service.

Religious Education
The children have been learning about Judaism in R.E. They found out about special artefacts and clothing such as the Kippah, Tallit and Mezuzah. Jewish people hang the Mezuzah on the right hand side of doors in their homes and they contain a special prayer called The Shema. The children decorated their own Mezuzah and filled theirs with their own private promise.

Kingfisher class have been carrying out further investigations on soil this week. The children carried out experiments to find out which soil was the most permeable. They had to carefully weigh the soil and measure the water to ensure that their experiment was fair.

Peace Festival
The whole school thoroughly enjoyed themselves at our Peace Festival on Friday. The children and staff were treated to live music from a number of superb bands from Strode College. Hair braiding, nail and face painting was also on offer and for those who just wanted take their ease could find a peacful place to rest in our festival yurt! As you can see from the photos, a good time was had by all. 

To link with our 'Dig on for Victory' and planting and harvesting in Outdoor Education, Kingfisher Class have been finding out about Rocks and Soils in science. The children had great fun analysing soil samples and were excited to find out that soil is made up of many different materials including bugs! They carried out an experiment and found out that different types of soils have different densities.


Sports Day
Kingfisher class thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our whole school sports day. The threat of rain did not deter us or our loyal supporters! Lots of fun and laughter was had by all and even though the rain stopped our picnic plans the children enjoyed eating in their classes instead. Well done to all the Kingfishers for taking part and huge thanks to all the mums, dads and family members who came to support us.

The new Kingfisher class have settled into the new school year with enthusiasm and we are looking forward to heading off on our learning quest together! We have lots of exciting learning activites waiting for us just over the horizon and as Dr Suess says:

We have brains in our heads,
We have feet in our shoes,
We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose!

We look forward to you joining us on our adventures over the next year!


In our religious education sessions we have been finding out about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which began at sunset on 5 September. Along with finding out how this important festival is celebrated, the children also enjoyed learning about the significance of eating apple dipped in honey and how Jewish people do this in the hope of having a sweet New Year.

Outdoor Education
Kingfisher class always enjoy their outdoor education sessions and today was no different! We began by preparing the raised beds for planting as this term, to link with our learning about WWII,  we will be 'Digging on for Victory.' Molly and Blade found a moth pupae that was having a good wiggle! We took a quick photo then returned it to its home so it could finish its transformation!

Roald Dahl Day
Kingfisher class thoroughly enjoyed their back to front day to celebrate Roald Dahl's Birthday. They enjoyed trying to say their names backwards and creating their own marvellous medicine. We then took time to read extracts from some of our favourite Roald Dahl stories such as: 'The Enormous Crocodile,' 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' 'The Twits,' and 'Matilda.'

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