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Welcome to the new school year 2014-15!

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We began the second half of the Autumn term with a ‘Mystery Monday’. The theme was World War 1, and the box Mr North chose contained a football, Christmas decorations, and a book about football in WW1. This led us onto learning about the ‘Christmas Day Truce’ of 1914.

Our learning in literacy this week was based around Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Children created newspaper reports about the event, with a particular focus on including correctly punctuated quotes/eyewitness reports.

We continue with our biology focus in science. This week, the children produced posters promoting the various ways you should look after your teeth.

In numeracy, children have been learning various written methods for multiplication.
We ended the week with a very moving WW1 remembrance assembly. The children sang beautifully, and the teachers, staff and parents were very proud of them.

Autumn Haikus by Kingfisher Class


Ancient orchard creaks
Blood-red apples fall into
Crystal clear water

As the sun goes down
Bright fireflies fill the air
Dancing with the moon

Migration of birds
Making a sweet tweeting noise
All painting the sky
An Autumn hedgerow
A spider hopes to save her babies
From some hungry crows

Beautiful clear lake
Elegant flowers fall down
Except for one lonely rose.


A crooked apple tree
With a golden butterfly
Hanging from a leaf

Shimmering water
A water boatman paddles
Across the surface


In the calm, clear lake
There are shiny baby swans
Swimming in delight

A sweet, bright, red rose
Sways left and right gracefully
Then silently stops


A crystal clear stream
Reeds wave gently in the wind
Ripples in water


The trees are swaying
Chestnuts fall into puddles

Sunlight on water
A blood-red berry falls in
And drifts away  


Beautiful clear lake
Graceful swan swimming across
To her cute cygnets

A beautiful rose
Lays on a little bright bush
On a summer’s day


Far up in the sky
A mother bird is diving
Skylarks learn to fly


The stocky oak tree
Sitting on a rocky hill
In the autumn sun


Elegant Oak drops
Shiny acorns for squirrels
To eat for their tea

Graceful calm water
An apple floating downstream
Autumn sunny day


Sun is going down
Stripy badgers hunt their prey
Snapping mossy twigs

Swaying silver birch
Brown autumn leaves tumble down
And are blown away

Secretly at night
Burning red leaves tumble down
On the soggy ground


A beautiful oak
Brown and golden leaves falling
Onto the wet grass


Brown leaves fall off trees
They blow away down the lane
And scatter around


A shimmering fish
Swimming happily alone
Gulping the water


A graceful skylark
Dives to save her babies
From a hungry red fox


In Kingfisher class this week, children have been learning about the Roman and Anglo-Saxon invasions of Britain. It was interesting to link these events with the children’s knowledge of the Picts gained during our Scotland focus. Next week we move onto the Viking and Norman invasions!

In maths we have been doubling and halving numbers using the partition method. 

In outdoor education, we went on a walk to gather inspiration for Haiku poems, which we will be writing next week.

It’s been a busy fortnight in Kingfisher class! In literacy, children have been writing mystery stories.
To help the children with their setting descriptions, we went for a walk and took lots of photos.

In science, we’ve been learning about healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet. We also welcome a visitor to Kingfisher;
Miss Johns, who has worked as a botanist and will be training to become a primary school teacher. The children really enjoyed her lesson on tree classification.

In art, children been creating their own cubist artworks based around the three pianos we have in school.
They began by taking photos of the instruments from different angles, and then combined them using ‘pic collage’.
They then used the print outs of these pic collages in different ways; some children chose to trace all or parts of the pictures,
others drew freehand, and others used a combination of printed photos and drawing. A gallery of their finished work will be updated here next week.

On Friday 3rd October the children were lucky enough to be taught French by Miss Ratcliffe, from St Dunstan’s School. 
 In maths, children have been working on written and mental addition methods, and
Mr North has been impressed with the super effort many Kingfishers have been putting into learning their times tables. 

Learner of the week was Rebekah, who has been working exceptionally hard in all areas and maths, and this week’s rainbow award went to Annie,
who inspired us all with her approach to cubism.

Kingfisher class have started the year in a newly decorated classroom, complete with a TARDIS and a piano!  Our topic for the first two weeks is Scotland, and we have learning about the historical struggles between England and Scotland, as well as discussing the issues surrounding the forthcoming vote. In literacy, the children have been writing play scripts based on the traditional Scottish story, ‘The Stoor Worm’. In numeracy, children have been refreshing their understanding of place value. In music, children had their first Ukulele lesson with Mr Cool, learned the Scottish song ‘The wild mountain thyme’, and on Thursday, Mr North and his friend Lindsay MacDougal played a selection of Scottish ceilidh music for the whole school.  We also enjoyed picking blackberries in Outdoor Education.

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