Kingfisher Class Homework


Homework for Thursday 9th February

Find a map of that shows China and the countries that border it and annotate and colour your map of China as follows:

Draw in the Great Wall of China in red.
Draw a green circle around Beijing and label.
Draw a blue circle around Shanghai and label.
Label The Philippines and colour them dark blue
Label North Korea and colour it brown
Label Mongolia and colour it pink
Label Russia and colour it purple
Label Nepal and colour it light green
Label Vietnam and colour it red
Label Kazakhstan and colour it yellow
Label India and colour it orange
Label the Pacific Ocean and The China Sea and colour them light blue

If you do not have all the colours, just use what you can find. However, make sure that countries next to each other are different colours so they can be easily identified.

Homework for Friday 3rd February


Study the map of the counties of Great Britain above and answer the following questions. You may need to look at your other maps too:

  1. Can you name all the counties that border Somerset?

  2. Which is the largest county in England?

  3. Which counties are north of Tayside?

  4. Which county is the furthest south?

  5. Which county is Cardiff in?

  6. Which county is London in?

  7. Which county is Edinburgh in?

Homework for Friday 27th January 2012

We live in the County of Somerset in the South West of England. This is a map of Somerset with Glastonbury already marked.

You will need to find a map of the South West of England to help you accurately mark on Wells, Street, Shepton Mallet, Bath, Bridgwater, Taunton, Yeovil, Weston-Super-Mare and Burnham-on-Sea on the map below. Finally can you mark where you think Meare is?

There is a road on this map which is marked by two thin blue lines. Can you tell me what you think this road is called and why is it important?


Homework for Monday 23rd January

Using the map provided can you please add as many rivers as you can on your map. You MUST include the following rivers: the Thames, the Avon, the Severn, the Clyde, the Trent, the Tweed, the Tyne, the Tay, and the Ouse. Keep your work neat and make sure you draw them accurately. 

Homework for Monday 16th January

On your map please can you mark on the capitals of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland and Wales.

Tell me what landmarks I might like to go and see in each of these cities.