Mallard Class


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In maths we continued our work around money by adding various items to calculate a total price, great work Annie!

Here are Xander and Martha using
the ipads in The Hub.

This week we planted pumpkin seeds in pots as well as cucumber and tomato plants in the poly tunnel beds.

We learned about St George's Day and we painted a picture of George and the Dragon.

Here are some photographs of our lovely colourful classroom.

Work on our outdoor area is going well, we are looking forward to being able to play in it

In numeracy we have been learning about money, we used place value cards to show prices, here are Euan and Ben showing their cards

Mallard Class really enjoyed going on a 'photo hunt' around the village. Everybody had a photograph of something in the village and we all worked together to find the items. Some things were big like solar panels other things were very small like a number on a door. This was all part of our geography work on investigating our localty.

Greenhouse Project
We have been saving plastic bottles for a few weeks and last week we began work on building our recyled bottle greenhouse. Here are some of the children standing inside the frame. We had to cut the bottom off the bottles and then stack them together to make the walls. It will take a long time to make the greenhouse and all of the classes are going to work on it. Watch this space for updates!

In Mallard Class we can earn points for writing, once we have enough points we can win a prize! Here are Lilly, Eliza and Jai with thier prizes.

As part of our whole school learning quest 'Made in China' we read the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson. The story is based on a traditional Chinese tale about a young girl whose paintbrush brings her artwork to life. We imagined what we would paint with a magic paintbrush.

On Monday we launched our 'Made in China' learning quest with a special Chinese themed day.  We wore tracksuits like the children in China wear to school.  We saw a Karate and a Tai Chi demonstration and we had a nap after lunch - just like the children in Chinese schools.  We made Chinese lanterns to take home and we tasted prawn crackers. 

We are excited to be beginning 2012 in a new classroom as we have swapped rooms with the Swan class.  Our new room is so big and colourful we are having fun learning and playing in such a big space. Here are some photos of Lilly, Xander, Nathan and Connor counting together, and Martha and Ben playing in our Chinese restaurant.


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On Wednesday 9th November we went to Station Farm for our Forest School trip.  We picked apples in the orchard, we cut wood to make jewellery, we toasted marshmallows on the fire and we had a hot chocolate drink. It was a wonderful day!

In our numeracy lessons we have been exploring data handling.  We made bar charts to find out what was the most popular snack in Mallard Class and we used sorting hoops to classify our toys into different categories.

We harvested a giant pumpkin from our garden and everybody helped to scoop the insides.  Skye said "I love this!" 

This week we have been learning about time, we have practised telling the time at o'clock and half hour.  We have been timing what we can do in one minute, everybody enjoyed seeing how many bits of pasta we could pick up with tweezers in one minute.  It's harder than it looks!

On Wednesday 12th October we took 'One small step for Mallard Class and one giant leap for Meare School!' we stepped in buckets of different materials and imagined our own moon landings.  Annie said "This is cold and squidgy!"

Harry brought his pet rabbit to school, we learned about how to look after rabbits and everybody wrote fantastic rabbit facts on rabbit shaped cards.

Xander's family brought in thier Harris Hawk to show everybody, it was magnificent!

We used musical instruments to create a space soundtrack, we created a 'blast off' and then made music to represent different planets. 

On Wednesday 14th September we launched our 'To Infinity and Beyond' learning quest.  Everybody dressed up in fun space clothes and we learned about our Solar System.  After playtime the children discovered that there had been a meteor shower in the classroom.  There were silver spheres on the floor and when we took the silver off we realised they were made of ice!  As the ice melted we began to see that there were aliens inside - the children were so excited about getting the aliens out!  Afterwards we talked about what planet the aliens may have come from and what there names might be. Robert's alien was called Mr Doodle and he came from Planet Disco!


On Wednesday 7th September the year one children harvested the popcorn that we planted last year.  We noticed that SOMETHING HAD EATEN THE POPCORN during the holidays!  The children wrote down thier suggestions of what it might have been.  Euan thought it might have been an owl whilst Annie thought it may have been a fox.  Mrs Butler was worried that it may have been rats so we called in an expert.  A man came in a van and he reassured us that it had not been a rat and it was most probably a badger.  Luckily there was plenty of popcorn left to harvest and it is curtently drying in the polytunnel."