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We all really enjoyed our trip to Station Farm we made pizzas and cooked them in the clay oven, we toasted marshmallows, we played in the forest dens and we explored the junk music area. 

Aiden's Mummy brought in their pet lizard Dexter we all had the chance to touch Dexter and we saw him eat some bugs, it was very exciting!

We have been learning about Minibeasts, we studied the varieties of Minibeasts that can be found in our school grounds. We thought about the types of habitats that Minibeasts like and we made a Minibeast home inside a hula hoop on the ground. We really enjoyed working in teams to fill the space with interesting items and sure enough some spiders and worms came along to explore!

We had a fantastic time at the Rural Life Museum we learned about how the Victorians washed thier laundry and the children had a go at using a mangle, a dolly, a posser and a washboard. We learned about local man John Hodges who lived and worked on the land in Butleigh in Victorian times.

We were delighted to be invited to Blade's farm where his family rear Alpacas and have lots of interesting pets such as pigs and goats. Everybody enjoyed meeting the animals and we had a nice walk through the fields too.

This week everybody wrote a book review we chose books that we thought were 'five star' and we wrote about our favourite part of the story.

As part of our 'Making Your Mark' learning quest we have created models with salt dough and plasticine. We have learned about famous artists such as Piet Mondrain and Andy Goldsworthy and been inspired to create similar art.

The PSA organised a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, we all dressed up and wore funny hats.  There was a cake sale in the hall as well as a hat competition and guess what?  Delilah in Mallard Class won!  Congratulations to Delilah and well done to everybody for making such a super effort.

We watched a video story called 'The Naughty Bus' in this story a toy bus is driven through baked beans, toothpaste and mud.  The children enjoyed the story and found the animated version really interesting.  Here we are driving our play bus! 

We all dressed up for Red Nose Day we donated money to Comic Relief and we learned about how the money helps people all over the world.

Mrs Fellows brought Hamish the Hamster to school, we learned all about looking after Hamsters and wrote an information booklet about Hamish.

We all dressed up for World Book Day!

Joseph brought a Domino's pizza menu to school for Mrs Blackmore! We were inspired to draw pizzas and copy interesting pizza names from the menu such as 'The Meteor' some children came up with thier own pizza names such as 'The Salami Spicy'

In our outdoor education session we made mini dens for our dinosaurs, we thought about protecting our dinosaurs from the wind and rain and providing them with food. We worked together in teams and everybody had such fun! It really was a popular activity!

We were so excited to welcome a science dome team to our school! We learned all about dinosaurs in a 3D show inside the dome. We couldn’t take pictures inside the dome but here are some snaps of us listening to the talk and exploring artefacts before we went in. Everybody loved the dome and we all wrote about it afterwards, please come into our classroom to see our writing on display!

We welcomed Ian, a scientist from the Fizz Pop group, to our class he taught us all about fingerprints and how each of us has a unique print. He told us how detectives can find fingerprints on all sorts of items like this cup. Everybody agreed that Fizz Pop Ian was really interesting!

We are the proud new owners of a BeeBot! Here are Billy and Poppy practising programming the directions to make the BeeBot travel around on its mat.

Here we are exploring painting with watercolours, we listened to relaxing music and painted pictures of our own choice.

Our very own Scottish Bonnie Lass Mrs Fellows led a special assembly all about St Andrews Day we were inspired to paint some thistles!


Inspired by our favourite Winnie the Witch books we made a spooky soup. Beansprouts became wiggly worms, mushroom slices became beautiful butterfly wings, green beans became crunchy caterpillar slices and baby sweetcorn became mouldy maggots! We wrote a list of the ingredients and instructions on how to make the soup.

This year instead of carving our pumpkins we decided to decorate them with metallic spray and glitter. They looked really magical!

We worked together to create giant artwork on the play ground. Freya, Pearl and Sophia painted a dream they said, "This is a Giant he is standing on a rainbow,above there is the sky with stars and it goes up far, far away, down at the bottom there is an ugly troll." Joseph and Alex painted a whole town they said "There is a bridge the sky is on top and it's starting to rain on the bridge."

We were proud to welcome Teacher Fang from our link school in China he spent some time in classes and led a special assembly.  In the assembly Teacher Fang showed us some Chinese writing and spoke about the origin of Chinese characters and we all practised speaking Chinese together.  Then Teacher Fang treated us to a Tai Chi demonstration and we had some time to ask him questions about his school.

Django and Harry read very carefully to match some caption and picture cards

We took the parachute outside and played different games, our favourite part was when we sat inside it like a tent!

We used magnetic fishing rods to catch letters and words and write them on a list

In our outdoor education session this week we cleared some beds ready for the winter time

On Wednesday 19th September it was 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day'. Everybody dressed as a Pirate we wrote treasure maps, Pirate messages, we had a treasure hunt and made wanted posters.

Here are some photographs of our Olympic Challenge day we had running races and an egg and spoon race and everybody received a special medal.

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