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Throwing with a difference!

Parachute Excitement

Beebot Bonanza

Getting Crafty with Flowers

Our New Class Members

Aiden kindly brought in his Guinea Pigs to show to the rest of the class! We all got to hold them - they were very sweet. Here are some pictures of their Mallard adventure.

We're going on a Badger set hunt....

Mallards and Moorhens took advantage of the beautiful weather on Thursday and went for a walk in Outdoor Education. We went to see a badger set (which was slightly overgrown) and took in the amazing scenery which is right on our doorstep! It was a great morning and we all had a truly fantastic time.

Let's Sing a Happy Tune

Feeling Touched

Mallards have been exploring their sense of touch using a feely bag! These are some of the things that they thought they could feel.

Mrs Watts' Surprise

On the 7th May, Mallards created their own version of Handa’s Surprise, choosing their own characters and objects! They had so much fun writing this together. Here is the final product:

Mrs Watts put six fantastic sweets in a tartan trolley on wheels for her friend, Miss Christopher.
She will be surprised thought Mrs Watts as she set off for Miss Christopher’s house.
I wonder which sweet she’ll like best?
Will she like the very hard, red and white candy cane?
Or the squidgy Haribo bears?
Will she like the bendy chewing gum?
Or the colourful Smarties?
Will she like the round-shaped lollipop?
Or the gooey drumstick?
Which sweet will Miss Christopher like best?
‘Hello, Miss Christopher,’ said Mrs Watts. ‘I’ve brought you a surprise.’
‘Chocolate!’ said Miss Christopher. ‘My favourite sweet.’
‘CHOCOLATE?’ said Mrs Watts. ‘That is a surprise!’

Flying Free

Tag, You're It!

Mallards had a fab time with Matt from Crusader Sports. He taught us how to play tag rugby and dodge the opposition! Here are some pictures of us putting our new skills into action :)

Meet the new kid, Billy!

Mallards went to Zen's farm today to see the 6 baby Billy Goats Gruff which have been born over the last few weeks. Zen's Mummy has called one of the baby boy goats Billy because Mallard have been learning the story in our Literacy lessons. He was so cuddly and the Mallards fell in love with him instantly, so much that Marcus asked if we could keep him in our classroom. We were really lucky to have time to see the alpaca's too. We even got to feed them! We have had one of the best day's ever today. Here's to next week :)

Mallards get sweaty! 

Our School has been raising money for Sport Relief, and Mallards played their part in the activities which had been organised for them. We ran 10 whole laps of our playing field! We were so tired but we knew we were making a difference to so many people's lives accross the country. We were lucky to have Mrs Stockham in to talk to us about running marathons, and she even showed us her medals! Here are some pictures of our fun and exciting morning.

Sewing with Mrs Hitt

Mallards have been really lucky to have the opportunity to work with Mrs Hitt over the last few weeks. We have been designing a new class calandar as ours is looking a little shabby. Here are some pictures of us working hard on our self portraits :)

Tens and Units!? Easy Peasy

The Mallards have been thinking about constructing numbers, particularly how they are formed of tens and units (or ones). A crazy builder visited us and explained to us how numbers are made up of sets of ten and ones! We then had a go for ourselves. Here are some pictures of Reception and Year 1 tackling some partitioning

From Spawn to Tadpoles in only a weekend!

Aiden kindly donated some frogspawn to Mallard so that we could watch the lifecycle of a frog in the comfort of our own classroom! We couldn't believe when we arrived back in school on Monday that all of the frogspawn had hatched and that in their place were so many wiggly tadpoles. We are looking at them everyday to spot changes and have noticed that their heads are gettting bigger! Here are some pictures of us making their tank more exciting and tadpole friendly!

Our 'Old' Visitor

The cacoon that we found in Mallard Class back in the Autumn Term hatched last week. We looked in an insect book, making sure we used the contents and the index pages, and found that it was an 'Old Lady' Moth. The class passed the butterfly enclosure around and described what they thought it looked like. Aiden thought it looked like a 'mouldy leaf' and Billy described it as an 'army moth'. In Outdoor Education on Thursday we set it free. We let it go in the polytunnel so that it could keep warm as it was a little sleepy. We are eagerly waiting for our next cacoon that we found in the classroom to pop open and look forward to discovering what may be inside! Here are some pictures of our new class member :)

Pancake Day!

Today, Mallards had fantastic fun following a gluten free pancake recipe. We cracked the eggs, poured in the milk and added the flour and with a little help from our trusty table top hob we produced some delicious pancakes! Some of us added lemon and sugar and we all had a go at flipping them with Miss Christopher! Here are some pictures of us tucking in, and flipping our yummy creations.

Let there be bread

Mrs Hallet has been sharing her fantastic breadmaking skills with the Mallards over the last few weeks. We have really enjoyed following her instructions and have made some super creations! Our loaves have been so tasty :) Here are some photos of the breadmaking process.

Wild Things!

Mallards had an amazing opportunity to take pictures with Iain Green. He is a wildlife photographer and has been all over the world capturing pictures of awesome animals. These range from tigers in India to Kingfishers sleeping in Iains back garden! We went out with Iain to take pictures of the wildlife in the school grounds. It was great to see the wildlife which we have on our doorstep. Our photos included pictures of water snails to creepy crawlies on bark! We had an awesome time with Iain and definitely improved our photography skills!

Hovercraft Excitement!

After the excitement of taking a ride on a hovercraft a few weeks ago, we decided to make our own using bottle tops, a cd, blue tack and a balloon! They were very successful and all worked! Mallards have got one each to take home :) We revised pushes and pulls and all children were able to tell me that when the air pushes down, the hovercraft will go up! Here are some pictures of our fabulous creations.

Bubble Bonanza!

We finally managed to get outside in Outdoor Education this week! We made our own bubble wands and had a competition on who could blow the biggest bubble. It was a tough decision as the wind was blowing them away too quickly. Here are some pictures of our fine attempts.

We had a special assembly on fire safety with fire fighter Ian from Glastonbury fire station, he told us some funny stories about his life as a fireman as well as some interesting facts.  We had the opportunity to ask Ian questions and he showed us some of the fire fighter safety equipment - Miss Christopher modelled the trousers, tunic, special hood and helmet! It was a really interesting visit - thank you Ian!

Whiz, Pop, Bang!

Mallards had an exciting afternoon on Wednesday! We were visited by a crazy scientist with red hair who looked mysteriously like Miss Christopher. She told us all about Nebula, which are baby stars and how they are born! We decided that we would like to recreate a nebula using milk, food colouring and fairy liquid. We had loads of fun using the syringes to measure the correct amount of liquid on to the plates. Here are some pictures from our super scientific afternoon.

Textiles with Mrs Hitt

Aiden, Cameron, Poppy and Oceanna had a great time with Mrs Hitt on Wednesday afternoon. We are making a new class calendar with the help of Mrs Hitt who is kindly offering her time to teach us textiles. We are all very excited! In order to understand more about our calendar, we needed to create mood boards so we could think about the right colours to use for the seasons. This is what we created on Pinterest!

Breathing Fire to Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Mallards spent time learning about Chinese New Year and the reasons why each year is named after an animal. We couldn't believe the rat got on the ox's back to win the race! We watched videos of the Dragon Dance and learnt that they are performed to scare away evil spirits. We made our own music with percussion instruments, and the dragon manned by the Mallards rose and dropped down to the beat of the music. Here are some pictures of our exciting session!

Quick - Mallards have been involved in an incident involving an alien spaceship! On Tuesday, Miss Christopher got into school and couldn't believe her eyes! An area of the school field had been cordoned off with warning tape, and a mass of silver debris had been left. There were slimy green footprints and space dust had been scattered in all directions. The Mallards decided that they were going to investigate the scene armed with clipboards and magnifying glasses. We had a fab time and were enthused by what we found. It resulted in a class debate where we questioned whether aliens existed. Here are some pictures of the Mallards investigating the crime scene.

Mystery Monday - Round 2!

Mallards learning this week has been kicked off with a Mystery Box from Mrs Blackmore in Moorhen Class! We couldn't decipher what it was when we shook the box, it sounded long but not very tall... We opened the box to find yet another one! We thought Mrs Blackmore was playing Pass the Parcel with us!! When we opened the second box we were ful of excitement when we realised we'd been given a Harry Potter magic wand. We decided what we would like to do with the wand and many ideas were offered. These ranged from creating our own wands and inventing our own spells - it was no surpise that the Mallards wanted to learn how to turn people into frogs!! Here are some pictures of our fun and exciting day :)

Starting our learning with a scientific bang!

The Mallards looked out of this world on Super Hero Day! All went to such a great effort and thoroughly enjoyed morphing into their favourite super hero. Miss Christopher felt very safe knowing that there are so many ways the Mallards plan to save the world! We made masks and thought about our names, special powers and how we would save people if they were in trouble... We came up with some fab ideas.

Science Made Simple

Mallard had a great time learning about 'Izzy's Incredible Adventure'. We thought about different types of transport and how Science helps it to move! We learnt that hot air expands and rises - which is how hot air balloons travel, and we now know that we need fuel, oxygen and heat for a rocket to fly! Some of us were even lucky enough to have a go on a hovercraft - which pushes air to the ground which creates an air pocket, pushing the hovercraft off the floor. We are going to explore pushes and pulls further in Science this week, as many of the Mallards found the balloon propelled car which pushes air one way, pulling the car another very funny!


The Big School Bird Watch

Mallards were participating in the Big School Bird Watch this week. We decided that we would like to make nests using hay, twigs, mud and leaves which we collected during an outdoor education session! We had loads of fun digging in the mud, and were really sensible when using sharp tools. On Friday, we made the nests after looking at a few different types. It was really fun, but very mucky! We loved it!!

The force is strong!

Mallards explored movement as a force this week, particularly pushing and pulling. We decided that it would be a good idea for us to go and explore this for ourselves so we went to the park! We had fun whilst learning about forces, what more could we ask for!?

Spring Term - May The Force Be With You!

Welcome back to the Spring Term and our new learning quest - May The Force Be With You! The force is strong in Mallard Class and a mysterious space ship found it's way into our classroom. We had great fun dressing up as astronauts and aliens :) We have also created our own alien portraits which we have been writing descriptions about. We were so clever that we even made our own nebulae backgrounds for them using dye. Here are some pictures from our most recent space missions.

The Christmas Story 2

Mallards had a great time both performing and filming this year’s nativity. We filmed in several different locations which included an alpaca farm, travel lodge and premier inn.  We have had very positive comments from our friends and family, and have sold many copies ready for viewing at home. Here are some pictures of the children filming on set.

Is it living or non living? How do we know?

We had fun thinking about living and non living things in Science, and even got to compare real worms with jelly worms! We went on a nature walk and sorted our items into living, non-living and have lived before piles. We also made some non-living pets using stones and thought about the difference between our pets at home and the ones that we made in school.

Pop art is about liking things - Andy Warhol

Mallards enjoyed learning more about the artist Andy Warhol, and created their own pieces of pop art. They now know that Andy Warhol liked to make pictures colourful, and the Mallards used a variety of media to turn their black and white photos of themselves into a pop art style! Here are some pictures below of Mallards getting messy using chalk and paint :)

1 apple, 2 pears, 3 plums...

We have been looking at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Mallards have been writing instructions telling him how to turn into a butterfly. On Thursday, Zen and Molly made an amazing discovery where they found a real cocoon in Mallard classroom!! We have put it in a special butterfly home and are all very excited to watch it hatch as we don't know if it will be a moth or a butterfly - only time will tell! Miss Christopher thinks the quality of work the Mallards are producing is fantastic, and is very proud of them all.

He's behind you!

'Oh no you're not!'' screamed the Mallards with excitement when watching the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime on Monday. We thought the giant was going to be scary, but it turned out to be a giant baby instead. We had so much fun, so Miss Christopher decided that we would have a Jack and the Beanstalk theme to our learning. We made actions to the story with Mrs Bradley, and we have watched some short films which we have sequenced using story maps - we were even allowed to draw on the tables, but shh, don't tell Mrs Eveleigh! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the Jack and the Beanstalk activities that were on offer!

Remember Remember the 5th of November...

Mallards spent some of the 5th November learning about why we celebrate bonfire night and the reasons why Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the houses of parliament. We decided to celebrate this by making paint bombs and throwing them at a white bed sheet - we had so much fun and the squeals of excitement were delightful to hear. Jocie particularly enjoyed it as she managed to throw one which covered the whole of Miss Christopher's shoe :) We also made firework art in Outdoor Education. The children used sprinklers full of water and paint on giant rolls of wallpaper, and they enjoyed mixing the colours together to see what new ones they could make!

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Welcome to Mallard Doctors Surgery

The Super Red Express and the Mallard Train Station dissapeard over half term, and in it's place was a 1940's doctors surgery. Mallards have enjoyed dressing up as doctors and nurses and have taken telephone calls with numerous appointments. They are all experts at writing prescriptions and they have even added a teddy who they can cuddle when they aren't feeling on top form! Here are some pictures of our aspiring medical team :)

Exploring the new trim trail

The new trim trail has been put up on the field, and Mallards spent time learning how to be safe when using the new apparatus. We love playing on the stepping stones and seeing how high we can climb on the frame!

Carve the pumpkin, carve, carve the pumpkin!

Mallards had a brilliant time carving their pumpkins. We all chose different designs, ranging from cats to bats along with the traditional scary face! We found it a bit tricky, and had to be careful when using the special tools. We were all covered in slimy pumpkin and the smell lingered for the rest of the day but it was SO worth it :)

BREAKING NEWS: Mallard and Moorhen evacuated to Minehead!

Mallards thoroughly enjoyed being evacuated to Minehead on the West Somerset Railway from Bishops Lydeard. Both Mallard and Moorhen classes dressed up as evacuees, and Miss Christopher, Mrs Blackmore, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Watts dressed up as teachers from the 1940's! We were lucky enough to speak to the steam train driver and he showed us the two different whistles, they were very loud and made us all jump! It was fun eating our lunch on the train, and we all spent our pocket money on souvenirs and sweets from the gift shop. We all had such a fantastic time, and some of us even fell asleep on the coach home!

Mystery Monday

Mallards have had an exciting week which was kicked off with the arrival of a Mystery box on Monday! We chose the box from Swan class, and inside we found a jar of sweet, sticky honey. Mallards decided that they would like to know more about how it was made. and we spent the day learning about buzzy bees! We danced like bees; we tasted the honey, made a senses poem and thought about whose garden we would visit if we were bees. We also made flowers out of felt and pipe cleaners, all whilst learning loads of facts about our black and yellow friends! Here is the poem that we created together:

Honey tastes really yummy.
It melts in your mouth,
It wobbles down to your tummy.
It's sticky and sweet,
And good to eat.

It feels gooey and soft.
Honey is delicious,
and tasty.
The bees worked hard, day and night.

Below are some examples of the work Mallards produced during our exciting day!

Smoothie Success

Mallards had fun making their blackberry smoothies with the berries they had picked fresh from Meare Village hedges. Mrs Butler gave us a recipe to follow to help us make a delicious tasting beverage! We used bananas, apples, blackberries and apple juice and used a food liquidiser to help turn it from solid to liquid. We made sure to wash our hands before touching the fruit, and learnt about the importance of being safe when using sharp knives and blades! We sat back to enjoy the smoothie with a gingerbreadman and a doughnut that Tyler's Mummy had kindly given to Mallards to celebrate his birthday!

Blackberry Picking

Mallard class went Blackberry picking on Thursday. We made sure not to prick ourselves on the brambles and knew that we could not eat the red ones otherwise they'd hurt our tummies. Many children looked as though they had put purple lipstick on during our outing, I wonder what that could have been!? With the blackberries we have left, we hope to make Blackberry Smoothies. Watch this space for the finished results!

Peat Workshop

Miss Stone from Avalon Marshes came into Mallard class to tell us all about the different things peat was used for. We made our own bricks which you can use to burn on a fire, they're called mumps. We also put our hands in it to explore the texture. Alex said that it felt soft.

Peace Festival

Mallards had great fun at the Peace Festival on Friday. We enjoyed watching the bands from Strode College who were epic, along with bouncing on the air bed in the luxury yurt which was put up on the field. We loved eating our scrummy hot dogs which were kindly cooked for us on the BBQ by the PSA - they were delicious! Here are some photos showing us having a fab time.

Sports Day

Mallards had so much fun on their first Sports Day at school. They enjoyed it so much that they carried on running past the finish line and Miss Christopher had to chase after them! Even though the heavens opened we carried on running, and had a great time cheering on our friends in the races. Well done to all the Mallards who took part – you were absolutely fantastic!

Recent Happenings in Mallard Class!

We have been learning a lot about numbers and letters over the past few weeks! We have been learning the letters S, A, T, P, I & N and how to recognise numbers. Here are some pictures of the children working hard.

Outdoor Education

The children had their first outdoor education session this week. We had a lot of fun clearing the beds ready for planting, and we are all excited for the creation of our very own victory garden linked with our learning quest – Time for Change! We also made some great models using potatoes, tomatoes and cocktail sticks, which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Mallards also consolidated their phonics learning, where they used potatoes to stamp letters onto wallpaper. Here are some photos of the Mallards having fun outside!

Jewish New Year

The children indulged in apples dipped in honey to celebrate the Jewish New Year, which is known as ‘Rosh Hashana’. It is thought that this brings a sweet new year. The children thought the apples tasted delicious and were extremely excited to tell Miss Christopher what they had been up to! We dressed Cameron in traditional Jewish clothes. He wore a Jewish hat which is called a Kippah and prayer robes. Here are some pictures of the special day!

First Week of School

We are wishing the new Mallard children a very warm welcome to our school. We had a lovely first week together, playing in boxes and drawing some letters in sand, shaving foam and flour!

We also drew some great self-portraits and made our own backgrounds for them using stamps. Here are some examples below.

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