Moorhen Class

2013 -2014 School Year

We went on a badger hunt! The Moorhens are learning about nocturnal animals and enjoyed seeing a badger sett during our wellie walk in outdoor education.

Moorhen Class had some very special and mischievous visitors on Friday! Our new minion 'Stuart' loved being in class and was on his best behaviour when he met Mrs Eveleigh!

The Moorhens enjoyed a lovely visit from Harriet's rabbits Caramel and Beatrice! We found out how to care for them and what they eat!

Tigers, Zebras, Giraffes and Leopards oh my! In art we looked at animal prints and used crayons, chalks, paint and pastels to create our own!

In numeracy we were ordering numbers and counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s

We had a special assembly on fire safety with fire fighter Ian from Glastonbury fire station, he told us some funny stories about his life as a fireman as well as some interesting facts.  We had the opportunity to ask Ian questions and he showed us some of the fire fighter safety equipment - Miss Christopher modelled the trousers, tunic, special hood and helmet! It was a really interesting visit - thank you Ian!

We have worked really hard to learn a non chronological report about a superhero called Hawkboy. We learned the whole report from memory using a text map to help us. We performed Hawkboy in assembly for the whole school, everybody was impressed. We used our knowledge of the Hawkboy report to write our own report about a superhero. We invented our own superheroes which included 'Super Grandad' who has the ability to hover whilst sleeping! 'Butterfly Girl' who has hot chemicals in her antennae, 'Heartbreaker Dog' who defeats baddies by breaking their hearts with love and 'Mintboy' who can fire explosive mints! We sure have a creative class!

As part of our learning in Design and Technology we made cookies!  We were able to practise our maths skills by weighing the ingredients and we linked to our 'May The Force Be With You' learning with our awesome cookie designs.  Check out Harry's Yoda shaped cookie!

We heard that you can make play dough with hair conditioner, corn flour and food colouring.  We gave it a go but it was not as successful as we hoped it would be!  However we had fun and it made the whole school smell quite delicious!

In PE we played team games, we had to stand in a circle and hold hands and then pass a hula hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands! It was very funny!

This week we practised our spellings through a range of kinaesthetic activities; writing on wallpaper with chalk, spelling with alphabet stamps, making words with pipe cleaners and more!

Our whole school learning quest is called 'May The Force Be With You' this week we learned about the force of friction.  We all took part in a challenge involving jelly cubes, paper plates and chopsticks it was exciting!  We had to pick the jelly cubes up off the plate using chopsticks and then work in a relay team to race with the jelly cubes across the classroom. Then our teachers added oil to the plate, we predicted what might happen next.  Some people thought the jelly would dissolve, some people thought it would stick to the plate.  In actual fact the oil caused less friction between the jelly and the plate and it became much more slippery and slidy! We had fun AND learned about friction!

We were delighted to have Mr North teach us for the day, he brought in many of his instruments for us to explore and taught us about music through the decades as part of our 'Time for Change' learning quest.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a team from Barclays Bank, they played a money bingo game with us and we all got a free pen!

We have been revising our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape, here we are sorting and labelling 3D shapes.

We went blackberry picking during our outdoor education session, we were surprised at how many blackberries we found down Muddy Lane and in the field behind the park.  The next day we made blackberry and apple crumble with apples from Mrs Holland's garden and Mrs Blackmore brought in custard and ice cream mmmmmm delicious!

We had a Peace Festival, it was fantastic! There were live bands from Strode College, a barbeque, face painting, hair braiding, nail painting, balloons and a luxury camping yurt! We raisied money for War Child, Unicef and Help for Heroes and learned about the importance of peace.

We were very sad to see our friend Naomi leave our school but very proud for her to begin her new life in Devon. We had a special Devon day in Naomi’s honour. Everybody wrote facts about Devon, Naomi was the teacher and handed out the stickers. We gave Naomi presents to take to her new school Maisie gave Naomi one half of a Hello Kitty 'best friends' necklace Maisie will wear the other half. We had a Devon cream tea party with real cups of tea it was a lovely day. Good luck in all you do Naomi!

We have received Martha’s “I had a fantastic day” postcard! Martha thought that sports day was great and she really enjoyed the races. Thank you Martha!

After a lot of finger crossing, wishing and hoping, the rain stayed off just long enough for us to hold our sports day. We enjoyed an egg and spoon challenge, a bean bag challenge and a hoola hoop challenge. Then we had competitive races in our year groups. Great fun was had by all.

In our numeracy work we have been learning about place value, we practised counting large numbers of objects by splitting them into groups of tens and then counting the ones. Ben and Django counted cubes, Lily H and Harriett counted cake cases. Naomi, Maisie and Lily N counted paperclips and Martha and Eliza counted all our felt tips.

It was 'Roald Dahl Day' recently and in Moorhen Class we really got into the spirit!  Some children wore their clothes backwards because Roald Dahl liked things to be funny and different.  We designed our own Willy Wonka inspired sweets, we thought up naughty Twits inspired tricks and we made enormous crocodile concertina heads! Here is Lily N showing off her crocodile

Koralie has been learning to play the guitar, she likes to share what she has learned after each lesson and we like to listen.  Thanks Kora!

On our first day back at school after the holidays Mrs Blackmore gave us each a postcard to decorate.  We added a sticker with the school address on and took the postcard home. 

Mrs Blackmore has asked us to keep our postcard at home until we decide that we have had an absolutely brilliant day at school. On this day we must write a note to Mrs Blackmore and post the postcard back to school! 

Here is our first postcard to be returned, it is from Maisie and she had the best day ever on Wednesday when we made corn dollies for the harvest home.

We learned about ‘Rosh Hashana’ Jewish New Year, we learned that Jewish people traditionally eat apples dipped in honey to wish for a sweet new year.  We had some apples from Mr Dyga’s orchard they were delicious dipped in honey!  Here are Ben and Xander showing the Kippah (hat) and prayer shawl that Jewish boys traditionally wear. 

Meet Sheila our newest member of Moorhen class, she is a beautiful Giraffe that Mrs Blackmore's Dad won in a competition! The Moorhen children chose her name and have already become very fond of her. The children were inspired to learn about Giraffes so Mrs Blackmore hid some Giraffe fact tags in the willow tunnel. The children collected the facts and traded them with each other, we watched some very cute baby Giraffe video clips and wrote some wonderful Giraffe fact sheets.

We are really enjoying our new look classroom. We have a reading area complete with a tipi that Mrs Blackmore made on her sewing machine, a wii play area and a creative area! 

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