Moorhen Class

Click here for Summer Term Spelling: High Frequency Words
Click here for Summer Term Spelling: High Frequency Words

Summer 2015

Fun in the Sun! The Moorhens enjoyed their arts and craft Outdoor Education session this week! The children have been creating wonderful art work for our Red Brick Building Exhibition!

The Moorhens have been using the sunny weather to help them learn all about shadows!

The Moorhens enjoyed their first karate session with Kayleigh this week!

Art and Design

@ Bristol

Spring 2015

If your clothing should catch fire! Remember to: Stop, drop and roll!

The Moorhens enjoyed P.E with Mr Elks

The marvellous Moorhens have been leaning about capacity in Numeracy this week!

Moorhen fun and frolics on World Book Day

Learning to tell the time in Numeracy

Chinese Opera Masks

Outdoor Education While the Year 2 children enjoyed designing and creating their own mini beasts the Year 1 children had fun building bug hotels with Mrs Butler!

Moorhens learning about Animals and Humans.

The Marvellous Moorhen's Christmas Craft Fair Stall

The Moorhens discussed the importance of true friendship during anti-bullying week and how to be a good friend!

The Moorhens carried out a road traffic survey as part of road safety week. They were surprised at how busy the road was!

Double, Double!

Mystery Monday

Ship Ahoy!

In literacy this week, we have been learning how to write a good set of instructions using time connectives, imperative verbs and commas. However, we thought that before we began to write instructions, it would be great to see if we could follow instructions first! We worked in small teams to design and build pirate rafts to help us escape the deserted island with the treasure! As you can see, we had great fun and Mrs Fellows said we worked together brilliantly! We are going to test our rafts on Monday, so hold on to your life jacket!

Viva Espana

Moorhen Class have been learning about the Scottish artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

Splish, splash

The Battle of Bannockburn
During our learning about Scotland we found out about a famous Scottish King called Robert the Bruce. The children in Mallard and Moorhen Class were told about how a little spider helped Robert become King of Scotland! The poor spider had struggled endlessly to spin her web and even though she had failed six times, she never gave up until she had succeeded! They learned that by watching the spider Robert was inspired to face his foes on the battle field of Bannockburn and win his crown. To commemorate the 700th anniversary of that famous battle the Mallards and Moorhens took to the back playing fields during their outdoor education session to have a messy and giggle filled flour fight! Even though Robert won his fight, we weren't quite sure who won ours but we do know that we all had lots of fun!

This is the way we learn our spellings on a bright and sunny morning!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Moorhen class have been learning all about money this week! We have investigated how to make amounts with given coins and adding amounts together. Next week, we will be working out change!

Village Primary School Highland Games

For the past two weeks the children have been learning about Scotland and their vote for independence. We decided to conclude our learning on the referendum day with a Highland Games themed sports day. The sound of bagpipes filled the air as the children took to the field. The weather was predicted to be some what 'Scottish' too but we were happy to find that for once the forecasters had got it wrong! The children enjoyed taking part in the running races, standing jump, bean bag throw and the giggle filled wellie wang! As you can see, a great time was had by spectators and competitors alike

Take care people of Meare! Over the past week there have been lots of suspicious characters in Moorhen Class! First we were invaded by characters from Roald Dahl books! Then we were taken over by a band of dastardly pirates! Please keep your wits about you and should you see any of these characters then phone your nearest police station!

Mr North and his friend Lyndsey Macdougall treated the whole school to some Scottish music! We clapped along to some rousing reels and were amazed by some sweet melodies.

We went on a blackberry hunt!

This week the whole school began their learning about Scotland with a fantastic Mystery Monday. The Moorhens were excited to find a wee toy 'Muckle Coo' or Highland Cow in their box! Throughout the day we found out why they are so hairy, where they like to live in Scotland and that they are calm and gentle animals. By learning about our Highland Cow we also found out about the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland and what the weather is like where they live.

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