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Healthy Eating - Games via Internet


A healthy Lunchbox

Drag and drop ingredients for a healthy lunchbox.
At the end your lunchbox will be checked to see if it is balanced.
Can print results.


Make a balanced plate.
Drag and drop the foods as they appear

Balance of Good Health Plate
Simple drag and drop the 5 food groups on to the plate

Do not be put off by the Welsh!
Click on Wales not Cymru.

Nutrition Sleuth



Work out the missing nutrient

Grab a Grape

Here is the answer, what is the question


Have a bite café.
Your meals for a day.
Are you eating right, choose a meal and find out.

Healthy Eating
Food and Fitness.


Healthy Eating/Lifestyle Quiz

Best suited for one person to have a go.


Banana Sportz

Chose the energy giving foods to win.


Make your own Cafeteria Lunch Game
Select your lunch and work out your calories.

Try a healthy lunch versus an unhealthy one.


The Food Pyramid Game

Drag and drop


Food Pyramid Sorter

Beat the clock as you sort the foods into the right place.

Match the Food Groups

Drag and drop

Nutrition Mixer – Food Groups

Work out the food groups.

Combo Kitchen


Work out the food combinations

The 5 Food Groups
Tetris style game

Dental Health

Sort the food out by healthy or hazardous for your teeth.

Multi choice answers about healthy eating and potatoes

The Energenie Energy Trail

Age 7-11 year olds

Healthly Living Meal Planner
Age 11-14 year olds
(Suitable for individuals, not a game).

Try out the Interactive Meal Planner to see if you can design a balanced diet for a week, or find extra info by printing the Investigating Good Meal Planning activity sheet.

The Picnic Panic Game

Catch the healthy food in the picnic basket.



Our new learning quest for the Spring Term is FOOTPRINTS IN TIME. Here are some websites that you may like to have a look at: