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Enterprise and Aspiration

We have had loads of exciting things going on this term linked to our enterprise and aspiration theme.  The Year 6 children went on a work experience day to a huge variety of places where they did all sorts of wonderful things and learning an awful lot about a hard days work!

We were very lucky to have a visit to Bath Spa University where we had chance to look all around the campus to gain a better understanding of the types of courses we could study and what student life was like! Before visiting we had a few students come and work with us so that we had chance to get a good idea of what student life was like before our visit.

To help the children see what choices are available to them we also took the class on a tour of Bridgwater College where they could see the possibilities or more practical courses and apprentice based courses.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and had their minds opened to all sorts of future careers that they hadn't even realised were possible!

As part of the Swan class enterprise we held a cake sale earlier in the term which raised a whopping sixty eight pounds profit!  To teach the children how business works we then took a gamble and re-invested some of the money we made.  The class was split into four 'companies' with the remit that they were going to market and produce three different types of scones.  The choice of flavours was entirely up to them.  It was a huge success and the children managed to raise an additional fifty pounds profit! A huge thank you to Mrs Hallett for voluntarily spending all day helping the children make over 200 sweet and savoury scones.  They went down a treat!

As part of our Science this term we have been looking closely at the body.  In particular we have been looking at the major organs, bones and muscles as well as how we can stay healthy and look after our bodies.  During one lesson the children were given a task of drawing around a person and then working together to accurately place and draw where they thought particular organs were positioned in the body.  Fortunately we now know as had the children needed to operate in the first place, who knows what would have been taken out!

Recently, we tested Dr Fracture's statement that the taller the person is, the bigger all their bones are.  We discussed this in great detail and had we taken a cross section across the school this would most likely have been true.  However, we were only testing it within Swan and found some rather interesting results.  Most noticeably was that some of the shortest children had the biggest skull - carrying the weight of such fantastic brains has clearly impacted on leg length

Everyone's a winner!

We have shot out of the starting blocks with out new learning quest 'Everyone's a winner!'. The children are currently working on an ongoing project to create their own bid to host the next Olympics which will be on display towards the end of the term.
Within our Literacy we have been looking at the country in which it all began, Greece. Having produced some really interesting travel guides (non-chronological reports) on what it is like there, the children were astonished to discover that between July and August the temperature can reach up to 28 degrees centigrade and consequently Greece has a whopping average of 10 hours of sun per day during those months!

Big Survival Day at Carymoor
The children in Swan Class had an extremely informative and interesting day at Carymoor which was all based around survival. They learnt what sorts of things plants needed to survive. In addition, they learnt about shanty towns in Sierra Leone and how fundraising from charities can provide essential equipment to help people survive. Moreover, the children had to use their map reading skills to find checkpoints which contained various questions about how they would survive being deserted on an island. A few children even learnt how to do a mud dance in order to make the right mixture for the new roundhouse. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!


Street Dancing!
Swan Class were really lucky to have Miss Ratcliffe working with us this term. She taught some brilliant street dance in PE and we demonstrated our skills to the rest of the school and parents during our musical showcase.

Made In China
The children have started our new learning quest 'Made in China' by having an extremely busy few days. We were very lucky to have karate demonstrations, which the children thoroughly enjoyed, and we have also been very creative trying to master chinese zodiac symbols and letters for the boards in the hall.

Funky Forces
We have been closely looking at different forces. The children have been undertaking serveral experiments where they were carefully measuring the weight of common objects using a Newtonmeter, investigating air resistence and having to be creative when constructing boats to measure the effect of upthrust in a variety of different liquids.


Team Building
Having been set the challenge of working in small groups to produce an effective marble run, the children were given a roll of sellotape, a pair of scissors and two newspapers in order to complete the challenge. The objective was to create a run which kept the marble moving the longest. Working together carefully and listening to each others ideas was fundamental in order to be successful and the children did this brilliantly. There were a few 'interesting' designs and the children's recounts of the event demonstrated that not only had they had huge amounts of fun but they also learnt some very important skills.

As part of our learning quest 'To Infinity and Beyond', the children have been learning all about the planets and the solar system.  In particular you will notice the fantastic displays up in the hall which the children worked incredibly hard on. 

We have been on a very interesting and insightful trip to @Bristol to learn all about sustainability as part of the Green Schools Revolution.  The day consisted of a few workshops as well as having time to explore all the great hands on activities they offer.  Some of the highlights were powering boats on bio fuel and having the choice to participate in a dissection!

Our trip to London was absolutely brilliant! Having visited the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the children had a hectic few days!  We learnt even more about space having seen a meteorite in the Natural History Museum, explored the space section at the Science Museum and were really lucky to see a show all about the life of stars in the Planetarium at the Royal Observatory.  Lots of fun was had by all!

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9/09/11 - The children went on a walk during their first Outdoor Education session where they picked delicious fruits growing within the school grounds.  The blackberries, plums and apples (moonberries, alien eyes and Martian gloop) was mixed with sugar, flour and butter (star dust, crushed moon rock and space gold) to make scrumptious 'space' crumble.  It was extremely tasty and the children certainly managed to 'teleport' it into their stomachs pretty quickly!

Our Zen Garden

A project to transform our learning area was started last year.  We decided to have a tranquil space influenced by Japanese Zen gardens.  It is an ongoing project but the children did a fantastic job of getting it up and running.  The writing on the wall symbolises some of our beliefs and the words say 'Swan', 'Learning', 'Friends', 'Calm' and 'Peace'.  Plans are in the pipeline to make even more transformations this year to make it even better!

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