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Swan class had a great day out, despite the weather, at RSPB Greylake yesterday learning all about the wildlife.  We were lucky enough to spot the day old cygnets as they took to water.  They were adorable!

We had a talk about Butterfly Conservation which was very informative!  We learnt all about their lifecycle as well as the differences between types of butterflies and moths and their characteristics.

Our trip to Charmouth was brilliant! So many children managed to find fossils.  Although it was a bit chilly, it was great to visit a fantastic example of coastal erosion which we have been learning about in Geography.

We have been working really hard to produce our action/adventure stories set in Jurassic Park! Having drafted, edited and then produced a best copy, we shared these with the rest of the school by reading our work to them.  Mr Driscoll has encouraged us to show off using our subordinate clauses, smiles, varied conjunctions, active and passive sentences as well as adverbial phrases and a wide range of punctuation in our work.


In our numeracy we have been studying time and using the internet to help us find out different time zones of countries in the world; we had to use that to calculate what their local time was.  We didn't realise before we started that some countries are so big that they have more than one time zone!

To kick start our learning quest 'Footprints in time' we had a special visit from the Dino Dome!  We learnt an awful lot about different types of dinosaurs as well as getting to hold fossilised dinosaur poo (we made sure we washed our hands after)! Inside the dome, we watched an amazing 3D show all about the dinosaurs and how the worlds continents are believed to be have been joined together millions of years ago which is why similar dinosaur fossils have been found in different parts now separated by oceans. 


Our mummies are finally finished!  We have really enjoyed this art project this term.  Here are some examples of the finished sarcophagus with mummy inside.  I'm sure you will agree that they look fantastic!

In Literacy we have been studying Macbeth! We have created our own witches spells (double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble!) using Shakespeare's stylistic features of alliteration, strong four beat rhythm and rhyming couplets.  We have written some rather brilliant recounts of the murder of King Duncan and a diary entry from various viewpoints regarding Macbeth's moment of madness at his feast, having ordered the death of his best friend Banquo.  We have put our acting skills to good use after we play scripted our recounts and then recorded them on the ipads.

During our Outdoor Ed lessons we have consolidated our numeracy work on area and perimeter by carefully measuring the perimeter of parts of the school which we can then use to calculate the area.

Whilst the girls were out at Bruton School for Girls having a 'Girls in Science Day', the boys undertook a design project to save Humpty Dumpty! Humpty had to survive the fall from the top of a ladder in the contraption that the boys designed and made.  We used our knowledge of materials and their properties when thinking about which materials would be the most effective to cushion his fall.  Fortunately, Humpty managed to survive on four of the five occasions!


In our science work we have been looking at materials and their properties.  Last week Mr Driscoll set us a challenge to investigate which insulator would keep his cup of coffee the warmest!  We found that out of cotton wool, bubble wrap, felt and tissue paper, it was the felt which kept the coffee warmest over the length of the investigation.  This week we investigated how we could separate different types of materials.  Each group had bowls of different solids and liquids; we had to discuss in what order we would separate the materials and come up with the equipment needed to do so successfully.

In our numeracy we have been looking at measurements this week.  Not only have we been making smoothies in our work on capacity with Miss Goodman but Mr Driscoll set us a really fun challenge in our Outdoor Education.  We had to carefully measure out 2000 ml of water, from the recycled water butt, into a measuring jug.  Next, we poured that into quite a large bowl.  After that we had to get all the way across the trim trail in pairs without stepping on the floor and trying to spill as little water as possible. In the process some of us had ended up having second shower for the day!  Finally, we had to get back to where we started and pour the water back into the measuring jug to work out how much we had managed to not spill.  The water that we saved was poured back into the water butt so that it was not wasted.  You can see by our faces how much we enjoyed this!

In addition to our History work on the Egyptians, Swan class have been making their own mummy complete with its own sarcophagus.  The children had to make a clay mummy which was then 'embalmed' in modroc.  Next, they had to make the base of the sarcopogus and finally this week we have been able to make the lid.  The next steps will be to carefully paint them in detail.  Watch this space for the finished product! 


The new kindles are going down a storm in Swan class - the children love reading from them and some of the boys said that they are much more inspired to read using a kindle!

We had great fun carving our pumpkins during 'Indoor' Outdoor Education; unfortunately it was raining really heavily but thankfully it was not enough to dampen spirits!  We had great fun!


The Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed their first transition day to St. Dunstan's.  This theme of the day was science, technology and maths where the children had a competition to produce their own free standing, and working, lighthouse!  Vital teamwork skills needed to be utilised in order to create effective structures and Meare did us proud by winning - well done!

The children were enthralled by our storyteller who gave an extremely exciting recount of the discovery of Tutankhamun from the viewpoint of Howard Carter.  Having heard all about the young Pharoah's life and the mysteries surrounding his death, the children had some detective work to do!

Food, glorious food! Despite it not being edible (unfortunately), the children were consolidating their maths skills of addition and subtraction to work out how much their shopping list would cost and the subsequent change they would get from either £10 or £20. 

Quentin Blake enthralled the children in his live broadcast earlier in the week.  Coupled with Michael Rosen, the pair talked all about Roald Dahl and his wonderful and quirky ideas which were very inspirational.  Earlier in the term we enjoyed sitting around the fire pit listening to Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes.

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