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Summer 2014

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Spring 2014

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Enterprise and Aspirations week....

Year 6 visit Parliament

Some of the Year 6 children were given the fantastic opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament thanks to our local MP, Tessa Munt. They were able to sit in the House of Lords, walk the Royal Assent and even sit in the viewing gallery and watch a live debate taking place in the House of Commons. It was a truly fabulous experience and as always, the children were impeccably behaved.

Our visit to Barton Hall - Parents Get Lost!!!!



Tag Rugby

Rocket Fun

Swan's visit to Strode Theatre

We were lucky to have the opportunity to go and watch a performance by the poet Adam Kammerling, who was the winner of the 2012 Hammer and Tongue Slam Poet Championship. It was an extremely lively and entertaining experience which all the children thoroughly enjoyed.

You can find out more about Adam's work by visiting adamandcuth.bandcamp.com

Big kids at play!

World Book Day

Wildlife Photography with Iain Green

Karate success!

Badger pays a visit....

Fire Safety

We have been fortunate to have a visit from Fire Officer Ian Humphreys to talk about fire safety and fire evacuation plans.

Mystery Monday Magic!

Excellent elephant excitement.....

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Science Made Simple

Superhero Day

Feel the Force!

Outdoor Education

May the force be with you!

The children had great fun launching our new learning quest in class by researching bridge structures and then working in groups to design and build the strongest bridge. They were only allowed to use paper and card as the main construction materials and their bridges had to span a width of 30cm.  


Autumn 2013 - Time for Change

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Cycling Safety

Book Club

Ryan and Charlie represented Meare at the recent Small Schools Book Club. They read and discussed The Dreamwalker's Child by Steve Voake.

Joel also reviewed the book and said, 'I would recommend this book for people from 7-12 year olds because some of the action is violent and the language is unsuitable for under 7s.......I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

RE Enrichment Day

The children spent a lovely day in their Key Worker groups, visiting the 4 classrooms to learn about Diwali, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day and Christmas across the world.

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Meare Village Theme Park

After our superb class visit to Alton Towers, the children have been designing their own theme park to be built here in the village (OK.....with a bit of wishful thinking!)
The children had an initial budget of £500 000 to spend on their rides and theme park facilities. They then had to calculate running costs before thinking about profit and advertising.

Here is Abigail's brilliant design and radio advertisement.

Carnival Celebrations

A very proud moment for Taylor who has become County Champion for his walking entry in this years carnival. He will receive the cup for coming first place in 8 out of 8 events with his Northern Lights entry!

Oh no it isn't.....Oh yes it is! - Panto 2013

Oh yes....it is that time of year when we get to indulge in an hour an a half of pure fun. This year we have been thoroughly entertained with a rendition of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'
The children absolutely LOVED it. They especially liked when Mrs Jones had to get up and show off her dance moves!


Inspired by the recent pantomime production at school, the Swans and Cygnets have been writing and performing their own play scripts. It has apparently been 'The best literacy lessons ever!' (It's amazing the power face paint can have on inspiring some fantastic writing!)

Remembrance Day

The whole school observed the 2 minute silence as a mark of respect to those who have died or been injured during the two world wars and in other conflicts since 1945. Many children wore poppies and in Swan, the children recited the poems 'In Flanders Fields' and 'For the Fallen.'

Kelly wrote the following:

Remember the many soldiers who died in the war
Everyone helped and fought over shore
Memories that shall never be lost
Everything was rationed for the cost
Mourning takes place on this day
Because of war, they won't be OK
Remembrance takes place, so wear the poppy
And remember those who aren't so lucky
Now that this sad day has come
Chances of happiness, been and gone
Every time a soldier dies

Dying will make a poor soul cry
And once this sad day has come to an end
You will still always remember them

War memories

One Swan member brought in some family war memorabilia.

Pumpkin Carving

The children of Swan class had great fun getting stuck into carving their pumpkins this year. The results were worth the effort of scraping out the slimy insides!


Ciaran very kindly donated a keyboard to school. The Swan Class children have been showcasing their musical talents and performing tunes to an audience.


It's all about the money!

We were fortunate to have a visit from Dom and Zara from Barclays Bank to talk to us about money. The Swans got very excited and competitive during a game of money bingo!

Outdoor Education

The Swans enjoyed a spot of autumnal blackberry picking from the local hedgerows, turning their harvest into a delicious apple (thanks Joel!) and blackberry crumble. 

Festival of Peace

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed themselves at our recent Peace Festival. The children and staff were treated to live music from a number of awesome bands from Strode College. A huge thank you to Mr. Shaw for helping to organise this. The day was a huge success.

New term....plenty to learn.....

Here are some of the Swan children working in our newly decorated classroom.


We have been budding journalists in Swan Class and written our very own newspaper articles.

Some children also designed cominc strips for the class newspaper.

Sports Day

Well, after much finger crossing, the rain held off and we were able to enjoy a fantastic sports day. The event saw the children running, hoola hooping and egg and spoon racing to victory!
A huge thanks must also go to the wonderful volunteers in the PSA who provided glorious smells and succulent sausages from a BBQ afterwards too!

Outdoor Education

Autumn has well and truly arrived! The Swans have been working hard to prepare the raised beds for planting and have been maintaining the grounds.

Time for Change

Our learning quest for this term will involve us looking back over the change in Britain since 1930.
As part of this, we will be studyng the events of World War II.
We will be 'Digging for Victory' throughout our Outdoor Education sessions.

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