Swan Class -Zen Garden


9/09/11 - The children went on a walk during their first Outdoor Education session where they picked delicious fruits growing within the school grounds.  The blackberries, plums and apples (moonberries, alien eyes and Martian gloop) was mixed with sugar, flour and butter (star dust, crushed moon rock and space gold) to make scrumptious 'space' crumble.  It was extremely tasty and the children certainly managed to 'teleport' it into their stomachs pretty quickly!

Our Zen Garden

A project to transform our learning area was started last year.  We decided to have a tranquil space influenced by Japanese Zen gardens.  It is an ongoing project but the children did a fantastic job of getting it up and running.  The writing on the wall symbolises some of our beliefs and the words say 'Swan', 'Learning', 'Friends', 'Calm' and 'Peace'.  Plans are in the pipeline to make even more transformations this year to make it even better!

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